Wii sells 30 million worldwide, Xbox 360 sells 20 million worldwide

The Nintendo Wii has sold 30 million units to customers worldwide, while the Xbox 360 has hit the 20 million benchmark. The PS3 has sold 14.47 million to date. These are units that have been sold to consumers rather than retailers, so the companies' shipped totals will be higher.

For comparison:

The Wii has hit 30M after 87 weeks on the market.
The DS had sold 22M after 87 weeks.
The Ps2 had sold 16M.
The GameCube had sold 8.5M.

It took DS roughly 105 weeks to hit 30M.
It took Ps2 roughly 130 weeks to hit 30M.

This means that the Wii has averaged 344K/week from launch. The Wii is also selling at roughly 3.66 times the speed of the GameCube.


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Pandaren003672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )
the guy who gets all the data and updates the site said that there were major shortages this week for the ps3 in the link i just put up there.

Here's the whole forum topic about the sales it if you wanna read more:

The low numbers are probably cause Sony is getting ready to release the 80gig new model. And plus, they just sent the new shipment of the MGS4 pack PS3's for this current week, so it's not included in these numbers.

So basically they're just selling off what is left and not shipping that many units until the new release.

mikeslemonade3672d ago

I predict DS will sell more than the Wii will ever sell. Once the real next gen consoles drop to $250 and $300, and when HD becomes the standard the Wii will taper off. I still think it will be #1 this generation but it won't sell as much as the PS2.

power of Green 3672d ago

Don't worry about the 360, people are probably waiting for the 60 gig version.

The 360 is well past 20 million lol, like always the 360 will be tagged as being at the same number for months watch, people will be saying 360 hits 20 million a month or two from now.

eagle213672d ago

Where does your math come from? :)

Solid_Snake6663672d ago

19 million RROD's and 1 million still working

DaTruth3672d ago

This article fails immediately because it uses VGchartz. Any mention of VGcharts=fail.+

SmokeyMcBear3672d ago

dude vgcharts is bad.. but its correctable. You just have to add more to the ps3 numbers and take away from the 360 numbers.. its pretty simple actually

KingME3672d ago

If it say sells as of june 30, what does july 29th have to do with whether or not it's true. It may not be the number of consoles sold to day, but it could be good as of june 30.

Please explain who you are see this?

orakga3672d ago

Compiles the most accurate available figures.
If you think using that constitues failure, provide better figures first before opening your mouth. (and don't even think about mentioning NPD; they only include North American retail sales)

uxo223672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

Okay, being that July isn't quite over yet I would thing that June numbers are pretty current. Besides, why do you need the most acurate numbers as you put it when they already told you the time from. It's impossible to give up to the day numbers in a moving market.

I agree with kingme.

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JVIDICAN3672d ago

What is this?
its a chart generator not an article...