6 Games We Wish Had Been Longer

Jo from GamersFTW writes: 'You know how it is when you’re enjoying a game the story is great and you have got really into it, but after only a few hours you realise that it is coming to an end. Do you turn it off and save it for another day or carry on and finish it in record time? There has been a lot of talk lately about how modern games are getting shorter, which in some cases isn’t necessarily a bad thing.'

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NukaCola1105d ago

Heavenly Sword comes to mind. Although it is constantly great, 6 hours wasn't enough for me.

coolbeans1105d ago

To be honest, Portal (1) being so short is actually an aspect that plays to its advantage quite well. Each level, GLaDOS monologue, etc. was stripped to the point of there being no filler at all. Haven't played Portal 2 so I don't know about that one.

hamshira1105d ago

OMG, what about shadow of the colossus?

Shillmeister1105d ago

Omg yes! Especially with the many other Colossi they had concepted and designed!

GamerGabs1105d ago

I actually thought that they got Portal 2 about right with the length, maybe that's due to how long it took me to solve some of the puzzles though. Definatly agree with Dishonored, would have loved more gameplay and felt that they could have easily added a couple more missions to the storyline.

Rimeskeem1105d ago

Journey.....I'm not sure about that

AstroCyborg1105d ago

the order not even on the list

Greyfoxdbz1105d ago

Is that game even any good? I love supernatural stuff but have only heard bad stuff about it.

AstroCyborg1105d ago

it'd be better if it was longer & they named ryse which wasn't great

SolidGear31105d ago

It's the best. Length and everything. It's about 8 hours.

NukaCola1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

I have played and platinumed it. The Order is a good game. The complaints are a little harsh. Only real major issue is it is overly cover based so there is the gunplay is mostly shoot from cover or move forward. And it doesn't ruin it, just makes it way to easy.


8 hour length.
Amazing graphics
Great story and tie into real world mystery
Lots of things to find
Awesome choices in QTE melee kills
Easy platinum
Outstanding characters (Tesla) and dialog


Linear cover shooting
No tracking for majority of the collectables
QTE boss fight wasn't challenging

It's around an 7-8ish. Kind of reminds me of Singularity. Something that was on the verge of awesomeness but got hung up on small issues. I am sure the sequel or next game from RAD will be a GOTY contender as they are getting their feet grounded for consoles.

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The story is too old to be commented.