Xbox Japan hosting Xbox One events in Tokyo and Osaka

Despite pulling out of TGS 2015, Microsoft Japan is hosting two Xbox One-focused events in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan.

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TheGreatGamer1146d ago

Wow didn't expect this news at all but glad to hear it

Septic1146d ago

They have their work cut out that's for sure.

christocolus1146d ago

They sure do.maybe we'll finally see Recore gameplay and i hope and pray we get a sequel to Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon not a big fan of JRPG's but i enjoyed those. I wish SE would make a new Vagrant Story and reboot Chrono Cross.

Aceman181146d ago

All they can do is try, but it probably won't make a bit of difference.

ZhugeEX1145d ago

It's better this way. This will be a dedicated event just for Xbox and will allow players to experience the games on show.

Rather than turn up at TGS and everyone is focused on Sony/Nintendo/Mobile etc...

In the end though I wouldn't expect anything to be announced here nor for this event to shift consumer mindset around Xbox One. It should be good for Xbox gamers to attend though.

Yetter1146d ago

sweet and Im gonna be there :)

Rookie_Monster1146d ago

Recore will be shown and gosh....prying for lost Odyssey 2.

nossred1146d ago

And Blue Dragon 2 e more Jrpg for Xbox.

Viryu1146d ago

I bet they are aiming to double their weekly sales in Japan XD

TwoForce1146d ago

Hopefully, Microsoft Japan can unveiled something to appeal Japanese audience. Because their sales in japan is very low.

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