IGN E3 2008: Resistance: Retribution Livewire Demo sits down with Sony Bend to discuss their upcoming PSP-exclusive title: Resistance: Retribution

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meepmoopmeep3558d ago

i hope this game is really good, sort of like how Liberation made it so much fun in 3rd person.

PPGN3558d ago

Just to correct you: Killzone Liberations is a isometric camera gameplay. :)

SolidSnake933558d ago

Hooray for confirmed multiplayer.

HeroOfCows3558d ago

This game, on top of all the others is really pushing me to get a PSP. I just don't know if my parents will want to get it for me this winter...even though I'm not going to get a full fledged console (80 gig PS3 last winter and premium 360 the year before). I guess I'll have to see...

ICUP3558d ago



ZombieNinjaPanda3558d ago

Since this game is gonna be on the psp, will it still be rated m?

Because from what I've seen, most psp games that were ps3 games/ps2 games (umm so far only Killzone) went from m to t.

HB-Sauce3557d ago

Wasn't God of War: Chains of Olympus rated M?

micro_invader3557d ago

Looking alright. The story seems intriguing and the promise of multiplayer sounds awesome :)