Nvidia to bring graphical enhancements to the PC version of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

On its official blog, Nvidia has just revealed that it is looking to enhance the PC version of Konami’s forthcoming stealth-action game, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The GPU manufacturer is working closely with Konami to get the graphics just right and to add special effects.

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q8kik1022d ago

I hope they're not talking about their Game(Not)Works features

Lon3wolf1022d ago

Works fine with right devs, funnily enough.

q8kik1022d ago

There's no reason for me to play @ 1080p(The witcher) because of them.

I have an OC'ed 980 ti + a 5930k clocked @ 4.5GHz for crying out loud

They're not well optimized or the cards available right now are simply not powerful enough.

Maxor1021d ago

WTF are you talking about? I have 980 GTX and I'm playing Witcher 3 @ 1440p 45-50 FPS with most settings on ultra. With that hardware you should crush Witcher 3.

Lon3wolf1022d ago

I play at 1440p (40 fps, 60 not needed in this type of game IMO) on ultra just fine with NVidia effects on full, with an amd 8350, not sure what issues you are having.

q8kik1022d ago

A 4000$ build should be able to play all games at resolutions higher than 1080p at 60+ fps.(With everything ticked on)

That's my issue with Nvidia's features and their poor optimization.

Tzuno1022d ago (Edited 1022d ago )

Ha nVidia is butt-hurt because the game on PC doesn't require a beast gpu to run it on max and that might hurt their sales. Now they thought to add some special features only possible with their gpu's so they can sell, what a weasel move, people should look at sys req of this game to see that the game is cpu bound and it takes a mediocre gpu to run it on full. Here are the sys req

Doodleburger1022d ago

Sounds like you're butt hurt you can't afford a decent gpu. It's ok, AMD makes low level garbage that you can afford.

Tzuno1022d ago

nVidia needs more people like you

AndrewLB1022d ago

The graphics are from 2012 and the listed system requirements are complete BS. It's kind of funny how the same graphics as Ground Zero somehow require over 2x the performance

What kind of shocked me was how they didn't cripple the PC version. The difference between PC and console is quite substantial.

Darkwatchman1022d ago

Maybe because Ground Zeroes is one tiny map and the actual game is a huge open world???

Dynasty20211022d ago (Edited 1022d ago )

Pretty sure they've said depth of field as one, but most importantly they've said they're working to "implement separate settings for a variety of the controls related to graphics".

This is just code for "custom settings" that all PC games should have, but these days don't due to consoles.

Instead of "Ultra" settings, we get the settings of low, medium, high, very high/ultra on foliage, textures, shadows etc. A setting for "each" as it were, so that you have more control over performance.

I imagine we'll be seeing a variety of AA techniques like the crummy, blurry, console-performance-friendly SMAA, up to TXAA and beyond.

It'll just allow more graphical control for those of us on a console budget who cant afford to run on anything more than medium.

This combined with mp3 customization from any song we download or have, steam trading cards, 4K, free Ground Zeroes, ability to use your console controller on PC...

And Ground Zeroes is one of the best optimized ports in living memory, running perfectly...

PC is the best version for Phantom Pain by far.

SaveFerris1022d ago

MP3 customisation sounds like a neat feature to have. Hopefully the soundtrack for TPP will have some memorable tracks (I've only seen the names of a few of them).

CP_Company1022d ago

i can't understand,what kind of braindead dunky monkey you have to be to say that NVidia putting all their staff in to games that people bought their gpu.NVidia released they gameworks in open world and if developers want to use them,nvidia helping them to push those graphics and effects.if developers don't want to use them and they don't use them,it is simple.they can use AMD gameworks,oh,AMD don't have those,so why it is nvidia fault? NVidia is pushing and investing in this that players could enjoy,and other do nothing and just crying.

UNKLE1022d ago (Edited 1022d ago )

I was Nvidia user all I can say is NVIDIA is waaay better than amd because NVidia have money and more partners in pc gaming business...Nvidia cards can better overclock, NVidia panel is way better than amd catalyst.. but yeah NVIDIA cost is way high.

Lon3wolf1022d ago

My only issue with AMD is drivers, nothing wrong with their hardware at all. I have jumped to NVidia for now as got fed up with drivers but also the 970 was the best bang for buck card at the time I upgraded.

Genova841022d ago

Disagree. Lack of HDMI 2.0 support with their 300 series cards was a huge mistake. They lost $1,300 on two furies that I would've bought. Instead I got 2 zotac 980tis. Loving 4k 60fps. Can't wait for MGSV!

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