With Black Ops 3, eSports Tournaments Will Be Played on PS4

SegmentNext - Just recently we came to know that Sony and Activision has signed a deal, giving PlayStation platforms early access to DLC and other material. Joint promotions were also in order as part of the deal, but many wondered what will happed to the eSports scene.

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BlackPanther1198d ago

Which means nothing for about 99% of the community but that is cool.

Genuine-User1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

How so?

This is a major shift in COD's eSports paradigm.

pompombrum1198d ago

He means 99% don't care.

For that 1% though, that's pretty harsh especially for the younger ones who don't own a PS4 and devices they use aren't compatible.

spacedelete1198d ago

hypocrite. what about when MS had it. you fanboys are so two faced.

BlackPanther1198d ago

Because 99% of the community isn't pro players. So to us regular guys we don't really have anything to gain from this shift that they are now using PS4s for E-Sports.

Why should we?

n4rc1198d ago

treyarch doesnt speak for "esports" do they?

i find it incredibly hard to imagine pro teams are going to up and change platforms (more importantly controllers) because another company has the marketing rights.

these teams will all change back next year if MS outbids sony?

sactownlawyer9161198d ago

Thats not how its works mlg and sony and Activision run the tournaments. They decide the platforms not the players. Also im pretty sure the sony cod deal isn't just one year.

uptownsoul1198d ago

Yeah, deals for CoD aren't for just 1 year…I'll bet those kind of deals are 4-5 years at the minimum and for the whole generation at the maximum. And I think this is a generational thing. And most people have converted from 360 to PS4…Now some of those people may have gone back and got an XB1 as well, but its not like they're ditching their PS4's

Genuine-User1198d ago


They're using Playstation 4's for Call of Duty eSports -

shloobmm31198d ago

If the pros want to play cod on x1 during esports It will be on x1. They hold all the power. Really doesnt effect a large portion of people tho.

mkis0071198d ago


Not at one will be allowed to pay them...

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morganfell1198d ago

Why is it hard to believe? Because it isn't your console of choice? Look how many gamers changed. And Treyarch doesn't speak for all eSports but they speak for COD.

Thatguy-3101198d ago

They could of done it this year but they rather not invest a lot more money into it. Pretty sure it was a lot more expensive to pair up with them seeing how the competition has 10+ million users than them. Sony is snatching up all the big AAA titles next year won't be different since the install base keeps growing at a faster rate.

press-start1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )


"i find it incredibly hard to imagine pro teams are going to up and change platforms (more importantly controllers) because another company has the marketing rights"

they seem happy to switch.from what i have read xbox one does not do lan connection as good as the ps4 which can affect their games so the switch was welcome.

FITgamer1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

They already have. They had an event yesterday. They were playing on PS4. Also on the controller quite of few of the pros have stated they prefer the DS4 because the Xbox One controller suffers from dead zones on COD and some other shooters.

IamTylerDurden11198d ago

Exactly, why wouldn't pros want to switch? PS4 has a faster LAN connection and a controller with better bumpers, less dead zone, and shorter more precise sticks. Not to mention that every next gen cod has run at a higher res on PS4.

Haru1198d ago

DS4 is better anyways

lodossrage1198d ago



If whoever is FUNDING it wants it to be on PS4 or XB1, it will at their choice, not the pro players.

With all the pros that made a fuss with the having to pay money for new equipment over the change you should have realized they don't have the power you perceive they do.

It's the sponsor(s) that have the power.

iceman061198d ago

Platform changes won't be hard for teams. The teams have enough money to invest in consoles for days. Controllers won't be an issue either as there isn't as much difference switching from one to another as you might think. Plus, many pros use aftermarket controllers like Scuff and such. (unless they are banned of course).
In the end, the pros will go where the game goes. You must have missed the complaints LAST year when the last CoD was running better on PS4 than Xbox 1 and the pros were in an uproar as to why they HAD to stay on Xbox? (I think it all got sorted out eventually...but it WAS a thing in the beginning.)

n4rc1198d ago

Wow tons of comments.. I pick you to respond lol..

I don't follow esports, I was being serious in my asking..

Its not about one or the other.. Just that all these teams have obviously gotten used to Xbox controllers and wouldn't want to change that because of a contract someone else signed

If they wanted to go ps4, that's a different story.. And if ms decided to pony up for the rights when it renews, would they all be cool switching back?

iceman061198d ago

I'm answering you here...since you wouldn't necessarily see it under my previous reply.
In the end, it's Activision that speaks for where it wants CoD to end up. By that meaning, they follow the money and popularity (like most publishers). Wherever CoD goes, the pros will go. There's too much money being made to NOT go just because of a console preference.
As I said before, many of the pros use more aftermarket controllers than straight out of the box ones. Many have sponsorships with those companies and will get free PS4 versions no doubt. Those that don't, however, won't have much to get used to aside from the asymmetrical thumb stick layout. Even THAT can be solved by alternate controllers if that is indeed a problem. Plus, they practice like 12 hours a day. By the end of that, it will just be a muscle memory thing.
I'm not an authority on eSports either. But, I have watched a tourney or two and some of the individuals as they stream on Twitch (mostly to see the new stuff first...and I'm not that high on CoD...damn boredom sometimes!!!)
At any rate, I wasn't trying to attack you (like some). I just wanted to offer some info from what I know and have gathered from watching.

n4rc1198d ago

i appreciatr it.. But I don't know man.. Phil Spencer spoke on that during gamescom. Rights are bought plain and simple, market share doesn't dictate the decision (tho it likely costs more)..

But on to the main topic.. Aren't aftermarket still modelled after the stock pad? Either way, I'm cool with being wrong on this.. I'm pretty ignorant of this whole esports thing (even tho I played competitive cs for years back in the day)

Just seemed odd reading this article.. Making it out like treyarch just waves their hands and every pro cod player just obeys..

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TheCommentator1198d ago

Oh well, it's not like COD is that good anymore... hasn't been good since MW and it gets worse every year. Halo and Gears are both consistently better than COD anyways(sp and mp). Wouldn't doubt that COD is entirely washed up in the next few years, TBH.

sactownlawyer9161198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Keep dreaming. Cod will be the best-selling game this holiday. Halo and gears may be better for you but the majority prefer cod. O yah and cod isn't going anywhere. Other games would kill to sell the amount of units that cod sells with ease.

lodossrage1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

"Now it can be a bad game, on a bad console, played with a bad controller, by people with bad manners. It's a perfect match."

I'm not even going to waste time picking apart this comment.

All I'm going to say is EVERY part of this comment has folly. ESPECIALLY the "people with bad manners" comment. I'm sure you have xbl from the way you speak. So are you REALLY going to sit here and debate online mannerism between the two systems in favor of xbl?

Get some air man.

lodossrage1198d ago

oh please, it'll probably grow even bigger now with the fact that there almost double the amount of PS4 sold than XB1.

By extension that means even MORE potential pro players due to the sheer volume.

And the way it looks, that install base gap is going to increases YOY. Which means EVEN MORE potential pros YOY for each new COD that comes out.

You sure you don't wanna rethink that "R.I.P. COD competitive" idea?

Dewitt1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

They have tried to push the PS4 in eSports and not even 1/5 the gamers showed up for tournies. I have to agree that this is going to take a huge chunk out of the competitive scene for CoD, not that I care. I haven't played a CoD seriously since MW2.

AstroCyborg1198d ago

a game with destiny supers,fast ttk,no skill gap will never be competitive & what does sony have to do with ut surviving in competitive nothing so i don't get that logic especially since i have both & i will still get the game on the xb1 due to the superior online & controller

lodossrage1198d ago

@Dewitt -

That's when they tried to push killzone. Not a popular franchise like COD


You should edit or proofread a bit with that comment. But after I've made sense of it, let's see:

Superior online= subjective. Especially since xbl has gone down even more than psn in the PS4/ XB1 era thus far.

Superior controller= also subjective. AND you should look at iceman06's comment.

And for the record, just how are you coming to your "skill gap" conclusions? People like you act like skilled Playstation players don't exist.

You seem to mistake the fact that Microsoft was sponsoring MLG all these years and using the xb versions of games equates to the PS community not having competitive players.

News flash, MLG used to use PS2 before last generation came about and MS started becoming a sponsor.

Chaosdreams1198d ago

I cringe every time I see ps4 and Cod in the same sentence. Not because I think the ps4 is a piece of crap. No, rather, it's Cod I am ashamed exists.

I wish it would either change or die.

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