We Happy Few: A FIrst-Person Stealth Game About Drug Abuse & Mental Health?


Danny and Tamoor talk about a new take on the rogue-like survival genre with We Happy Few. A hands on at Gamescom showed mental state altering drugs in a dystopian future.


I've updated the title to reflect what was said in the video. We Happy Few is not an FPS. ~Christopher

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Relientk771107d ago

This game looks amazing, unique, and BioShockish cannot wait

StrayaKNT1107d ago

Game looks sooooooooo unique I love it

subtenko1107d ago

Basically you turn into Mr Mackie.... Drugs are bad mkaaaayy

Christopher1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

FPS? This game is anything but an FPS. Horrible title.

Edit: This is poor editorialism here. He even said "first-person stealth game" in the video.

scark921107d ago

I hope this game gets big so I can pull off an Halloween costume referring to it and hopefully people will get it!

Christopher1107d ago

Everyone will know if you go as Uncle Jack. He's already a big hit and more videos with him was one of the Kickstarter stretch goals.

1nsomniac1107d ago

Really interested in this game. Can't wait, sounds very promising.

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