Fallout 4: Bigger Battles, Better Shooting & Less Clunky


Danny witnessed Fallout 4 behind closed doors and gives us new details on its large scale battles, improved interface, enhanced shooting mechanics and much more.

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Nerdmaster1143d ago

... as long as you're willing to pay the absurd price they're charging anywhere else than USA. Paying the equivalent of 80 dollars for a game is unacceptable.

Brotard1143d ago

except when its fallout. Literally the only game worth 80 doll hairs!

Crazyglues1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

So pumped for this game, hearing this is just putting even more icing on a cake that was already looking Delicious...

Can't wait to start playing this, the wait is killing me...

Going back to sleep now, wake me up when it's Nov..

Sketchy_Galore1143d ago

All I really care about is the dialogue system. I'm a lover not a fighter, I just need to be reassured that the conversation hasn't been 'streamlined' the same way Mass Effect was, ending up just having a limited choice of cutscenes between the all important brainless action.

CP_Company1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

it costed 29Euro to me,so if you buying for 80 dollars,you are just retarded :) next time say that you have to pay 200 dollars for the game,it gonna look more impressive :D

Qrphe1143d ago

The parallel structure of the title is a reason why videogame "journalism " is a joke.

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