Crackdown 3 effectively turns your Xbox One into the most powerful console ever made


So, Crackdown 3 might be the most impressive demo I've ever seen. We'll have a full preview up later today, but suffice it to say that all that bluster about "leveraging the Cloud" to bring hitherto unseen levels of physics-based destruction is totally accurate. That moment in the CG teaser trailer where an Agent collapses a building into another building to kill the naughty crime boss inside? You can do that. Easily. I've seen it happen. I have seen such things.

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Sureshot1143d ago

Crackdown just put the smack down!

breakpad1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

ok i know i will be characterized as troll again and they will hide comment/eat bubble ...but i will say it ...IS out there people who believes these promotional articles??...They sound to me at least ridiculous

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sinjonezp1143d ago

Ok, I'll say this much. It's impressive. However my only concern is connection. How reliable are these servers. Everyone knows when the server Load is heavy on any game, serious lag happens. Now, when the load is great, will we have weird building physics? Or any other weird happenings? Just a thought.

Septic1143d ago


What sounds ridiculous? The statements seem OTT yes but after 2 years of people ridiculing 'the cloud ' and hearing how stupid it was that thr cloud would impact gameplay in anyway, here is an example of a game supposedly utilising it.

Whilst it remains to be seen how the tech fares in real world conditions we have seen in game demonstrations of this extremely impressive tech. That kind of destruction in this kind of scale has not been witnessed before in gaming and this cloud tech, if it works well, has a lot of potential for the future.

The problem is the haters, many of whom have gone into hiding but will slowly start popping up once fellow haters start holding their hands.

So yeah, thr cloud destruction looks very impressive and I hope it all works well when its out. Anyone hoping it fails or fumbles at launch should realise that they are nothing more than a fanboy (not specifically directed at you).

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breakpad1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

@ Septic ..keep believing man thats good(its impossible for me to follow such things)...but dont call me blind hate/fanboy when the game wont deliver(i really hope to truly deliver as it would be revolutionary) and try to retrofit support as the best game visuals ever ...

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LightofDarkness1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )


In a real world scenario it should behave as advertised. The only thing the player need be concerned about is their own lag, same as any other game. This game is to run on Microsoft's cloud infrastructure, which just spins up more virtual servers as they're required. Provided there's not 10 million people going for total destruction at once (even then, who know), there's no reason why your experience would be impacted. Like I said, these destruction servers exist in the same server node (at least the same building) as the game server you're playing on. There won't be connectivity issues within their own nodes like that. It's basically just going off to another high powered cloud server in the same room and asking it to scale up or down depending on the level of destruction currently in play.

The tech demo was VERY interesting to me. How they're handling load balancing is quite cool and virtually seamless. The applications for this, provided Crackdown 3 is a successful experiment technically, could be absolutely HUGE. It could actually be the game-changer/"secret sauce" that MS have been quietly brewing for the last 2 years.

Your console is still technically limited by its fill-rate, that said. These destruction servers can send your client back all the rigid body data it wants but the XBO still needs to draw all of it, and that will remain a bottleneck.

MSBAUSTX1143d ago


Probably as reliable as the ones used for streaming games on PS Now. What difference does it make dude. It is a boost and a welcomed one on dedicated servers. It may have hiccups here and there but I will take any boost available.

DarXyde1143d ago

Well, to be fair, the cloud does work. It's okay to be skeptical of HOW effective it is, but I would reserve judgment, good or bad, until Crackdown releases. Besides, if PSOne, PS2, and Wii have anything to say, power is nice to have, but certainly not the only piece of the puzzle.

If Xbox One becomes the most powerful console, so be it. I hope it won't stop you from liking your other platforms.

PX541143d ago

Isn't using the cloud to assist the game just a sneaky way of re-introducing always online?
Surely if you don't have the required connection you won't be able to play the game, or at the very least not play it to it's full potential?

breakpad1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

@PX54 one very good point there ..i also wanted to add

dirkdady1143d ago

That is some hyperbolic statement in the title. I'm sure they said the same thing when Microsoft showed off kinect for the first time.

xHeavYx1143d ago

As long as you have a stable internet connection, of course.

Ashlen1143d ago

As always, I'll wait to see how it plays out when the game is launched. Doing this on a small scale with a closed network is a whole different thing than when masses of players are playing from all around the globe.

Kleptic1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )


well said...its interesting tech, for sure. MS showcased some of this over a year ago with cloud based physics, and it appears to have come a long way since (as there was very noticeable scripting related to it, and it was a very simple texture free demonstration)...

but, on the other hand, it still holds with what people were worried about ever since cloud anything was announced in relation to the XBO...

they fundamentally can't touch the gpu limits of the console...that side of the rendering has to be local, there is no way around that...

physics, usually (outside of some forms of propreitary middleware not available on the consoles) is a cpu centric task...of which offloading those calcs to 'something else' can be a pretty big benefit...

but context is key...does this make the Xbox One the most powerful console ever? at physics; yes...but all the other questions related to cloud assisted rendering remain unanswered...and its primary gpu bottleneck isn't going anywhere...

WowSoChill1143d ago

How could Don Mattrick and the old Xbox Team communicate this to the fans with their original policies, puts some things into perspective, if i would have known a online connection would have produced more Games like this i might have been more on board, oh well

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mark_parch1143d ago

watch the tech demo. They even explain how different sections and buildings are linked to different servers, it's really interesting.

HaveSumNuts1143d ago

Need to see it in action before saying that. MS boasted about how Titanfalls bots were powered by the cloud but were all know how bad they were.

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Kingthrash3601143d ago

This destruction is only in mp will be remains to be seen if mp is even fun yet let alone stable. But in no way does this make xbox the most powerful console...especially when it's cloud power is limited to online mp only. What's even funnier is the fact that this tech isn't exclusive to xbox.. Sony could make a system like this too...i mean it looks good and sounds good but it remains to be seen if it's good. And if it is good does this mean you must be online in the future to enjoy gaming? Are we looking at the same online is a must to simply enjoy gaming age that ms tried to impose on us in the beginning? Just wrapped up in a pretty package. ..a Trojan horse...If you will. Also wouldn't this limit the cloud to online exclusives only? Smh. Most powerful system. but a possibility of some innovative technology. .If done correctly.

subtenko1143d ago

buildings look too easy to destroy and what happens when everything is destroyed?

donthate1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

I don't understand the concern of the people that previously would state, PS Now works fine for me. Yet PS Now have a much tighter requirement on your internet connection.

Not only did PS Now require a higher bandwidth, it required a much more consistent and stable latency requirement. If it works on PS Now, why wouldn't it work on the much more stable network of Xbox Live and Azure?

Any issues you might have with the network, will be resolved. Those are simple limitations and will improve with each game released with this technology.

Physics calculation can be computed for several frames at once, it doesn't require a frame-by-frame computation like say a normal online multiplayer game or even a streamed game like PS Now.

This is truly beyond next console generation physics and there are so many other things you can do. On the top of my head, AI and massive number of NPC that are actually intelligent. Not only is there computational power, but you also essentially extend the memory to the cloud to.

We saw this sort of used already in Titanfall with NPC AI, and we saw how bad it got with Assassin's Creed Unity without Xbox Live Compute.

But hey, if you don't have stable internet connection, then the game can revert to offline mode. You would be no worse off than you are now without the cloud.

Connect it to the internet, and you have the worlds most powerful console at your fingertips by a wide margin!

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AngelicIceDiamond1143d ago

Alright lets bring it back down to reality. @Breakpad you are right.

Extreme Hyperbole here. The cloud will make computations ridiculous on X1 sure but the most power console ever is reaching. We gotta stay realistic.

"So, I ask the question - does this technology make the Xbox One more powerful? Jones nods. Does it, effectively, make it the most powerful console ever made while those servers are running? Jones nods. While Crackdown utilises it purely for physics, the opportunity here is clear."

He is working in the game can't expect him to say no lol. But it does make things very interesting indeed. I just hope they're not over promising here.

"Destruction is persistent, and every piece of rubble remains interactive, and can continue to be shot, blown up or pushed around. Servers can be piled on servers to keep this working - in our demo, we saw 11 being used at once. Producer, Dave Jones, assured me that that was the tip of the digital iceberg.

Have to admit that is impressive. Lets hope they deliver but the titles is a bit out there.

daxter19191143d ago

This was already possible on PS3 and xbox360 with Red Faction and without Cloud.

Red Faction Armageddon Total Destruction!

miyamoto1143d ago

Like in my other comment about this cloud computing, I knew MS PR stunt is gonna lead to something like this "pseudo power" campaign.

As always MS is so predictable.

I can't blame them for resorting to any kind of ways to sell the XB1 as its gonna cost them billions if they don't fix this. But keep in mind this will not work for majority of all XB1 games definitely especially on SP.

Anyway good luck to Crackdown 3 team I wish all the success. Keep it up.

4Sh0w1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

How is Microsoft leading anykind of pseudo-power campaign?

THIS is GAMESRADARs headline not Microsoft, also during the interview Dave was simply talking details of how this works, his head nod answer to the power question is accurate only because clearly they said specifically its using powerful servers online to increase the computational power for in game destruction, which neither console can handle otherwise. PS4 on its own remains more powerful than X1, but they are very comparable, devs talent, budget, passion, game types like always is the real difference maker.

-IGN even talked about how Microsoft isnt making wild claims about the cloud, they are simply SHOWING whats possible. Fans tend to get over excited about anything and game sites like the hits but thats not Microsofts fault.

-Yep, Im just gonna keep telling it like it is even though the mods try to censor more Xbox fans on n4g and positive X1 news with weak excuses that can be applied to half the news approved on n4g.

BeefCurtains1143d ago

"Isn't this tech a sneaky way of DRM"

What a ridiculous statement. Yes, MS created this cloud tech and crackdown 3 just so they could implement DRM. /s

Or they're showing off the advantages of it.

Professor_K1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

no not all of us wear tin foil hats

Sony fanboys shouldnt get all offended and bitter just becasue what is being promoted is the truht you dont want to hear

alabtrosMyster1143d ago

Nah, it seems to work as they show it does.. plenty of destruction... the catch is in the sacrifices they made to reach this...

1 it only works in multi player, the speed campaign does not rely on the servers...
2 it's impressive only when destruction happens (I mean look at those graphics.. ouch my eyes)
3 mp has a maximum of 4 players right now, the maps are probably not that big 9(makes sense, you don't want people looking for each other too long) .. that all saves both bandwidth and server calculation

Still it's nice to see that level of destructibility... but for me it's kind of a moot point as I don't do mp, I would never experience it! and it looks like as otherwise...

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RocketScienceLvlStuf1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

Got to laugh at that title.

If it's true. Why doesn't crackdown have the visual quality of a cg trailer/movie?

Easy. Because the quality of the visuals is still bound by the xbones weak GPU.

As for the physics calculations. We need to see what happens when it's out in the wild with 100'000's connections. Outside of a controlled environment.


Thats all well and good but this developer is claiming that the tech turns the console into the "most powerful console ever made".

So where are the CG visuals?

Blaze9291143d ago

^the type of gamer who thinks gaming is all about visuals.

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slate911143d ago

Having CGI visuals or having 100% destruction with 0 fps drop and still very nice visuals? Ill take the second option any day of the week.

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starrman19851143d ago

Can you show me the handbook on the "most powerful console ever made"? specifically the part under graphics and where they need to represent CG?

KilluaX31143d ago

"Where are the CG visuals?"

On PC.

illtownNJONE1143d ago

Lets not for get the highend PC that went to 2 fps trying to acheive what crackdown is doing

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1143d ago
Angeljuice1143d ago


A videogame without gameplay is a bad game, a videogame without visuals is no game at all.
Graphics get downplayed too much at the moment, they are vital to most games' success.

Septic1143d ago


"Lol they actually think xone will become more powerful. "

?? No I think the cloud will work as far as this is concerned. No need to be insecure about this just because people are excited about a feature people like you lambasted for ages for not being possible is making its way to the X1.

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HammerKong1143d ago

Just look at his agrees you sony ponies, i dont know bug those japanese guy's have made you so blind taht you guys can't even make a calid judgemnt, ps4 is nk god nor a machine from gods , inovations are invitable and the one who did it must be apriciated and microsoft slould get the apriciation , when somy did the same they were apriciated now its someone else turn and why you guys are so much conserned , you guys should just enjoy the games and does it matter who wins or loose, microsoft stugkes have made them work so hard and bring something next to the table, and my friend gou is not just only about giving real life graphics.. There is lot more to it and you will not understand it because it is rocket science level stuff which is out of you reach.

daxter19191143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

This was already possible on PS3 and xbox360 with Red Faction and without Cloud.

Red Faction Armageddon Total Destruction!


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Blaze9291143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

And people said the cloud was just a myth. Ha - can't wait to see how future games utilize it. Is Halo 5?


@Malphite @Gority

Right right...the "wait and see" approach. But only with Microsoft. Even though you literally just 'saw' - okay.


"Crackdown which doesn't really interest many people." Speak for yourself.

Malphite1143d ago

I understand the excitement however I'd rather wait and see. If it all works out like it has been shown it's a great achievement but we've yet to see it working under load once hundreds of thousands of people are using the cloud processing at the same time.

Gority1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )


Look, I'm excited for Crackdown, but I'm not going to pretend like what they showed is amazing. They showed some over the shoulder gameplay and basically a tech demo of a bunch of buildings crumbling. Everything they said about the game sounds super promising, but let's wait until we see more before we go all "Power of the cloud" again.


"Right right...the "wait and see" approach. But only with Microsoft. Even though you literally just 'saw' - okay."

Yeah and I saw TLG from Sony in 2010 with a trailer that was patchworked together to make it look like the game was working.

And I saw Ubisoft's Watchdogs look completely different.

And we saw MS use PC footage with an xbox watermark and controls on it for the Witcher 3, but yeah... only because it's MS. No, you just think everyone is bias because you are.

Unreal011143d ago

To be honest can you blame people for thinking the Cloud is a myth? It's nearly 2 years into a new console cycle and there has been no evidence of it. It's unfortunate that they are utilising it on a game like Crackdown which doesn't really interest many people. Exactly, why not utilise it in a bigger game eh?

Aceman181143d ago

I will remain reserved until I see how the final product runs on the system. Not drinking the Kool aid just yet.

I'm really glad it went back to the act style of part one away from that piece of s**t known as part two.

gfk3421143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )


From the PR (20x the power of X1) and by the media (X1, the most powerful console), Crackdown 3 should play at 1080p 60fps with ultra texture....

But it's not the case! In fact the game looks very last gen judging from the graphics and animation.

Come on!

People are so easy to fall for hype and PR scams.

The fact of the matter is that Crackdown 3 is the proof that the Cloud will not help X1 to raise the resolution.

We are taking about a distruction GIMMICK, which is playable ONLY in Multiplayer, nothing more nothing less.

Aceman181143d ago


Its just being used for online mode, as single is just normal :( I think it should be used all around to prove it works outright.

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1143d ago
DiRtY1143d ago

I really want to play crackdown to see it in action and how it works. All fanboyism aside, every gamer should be interested to see how this new technology works out for games.

rebeljoe141143d ago

Unless your internet is down and then you can't even play the game

1143d ago
quaneylfc1143d ago Show
Azzanation1143d ago

Great to hear that MS is living up to there claim. This has upset a lot of fanboys.

Lets hope other consoles don't hold the XB1 back when it comes to using this new tech.

quaneylfc1143d ago


I'm being genuinely f***ing serious.

This website has one very clear agenda to me now grrrrrrr!!!!!! It's so biased it is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

Professor_K1143d ago

Crack down

out of all the Xbox Xclusives ive never thought it would become the powerhouse signature of the console

as a CD fan this brings a tear to my eye

for sony fans this must bring many tears to their eyes...

Sweep141142d ago

Didn't knew that cloud computing was MS exclusive...

Professor_K1142d ago

Microsoft is the only one using it to its true potential by the look of things, i have yet to see Ps game as impressive as this

otherZinc1143d ago

I've been saying the XBOX ONE was the most powerful console ever made since before launch.

I've been hated on, called names, & wrongfully banned, defending the research I've discovered that went unreported.

Now, Forza Motorsport 5 1080p 60fps at launch. Forza Motorsport 6 1080p 60fps, 24 Cars on track, Wet Weather, releasing September 15. Fable Legends 1080p 60fps. Halo 5 1080p 60fps. Now, Crackdown 3 using Da Cloud that's 20x the power of an XBOX ONE.

Vindication incoming!

Sweep141142d ago

It's not and never will be. Keep dreaming little boy

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n4rc1143d ago

Jones says that his team are optimizing the game for a 2-4mbps connection.

interesting.. knew it shouldnt be too high but thats actually lower then i expected

Sureshot1143d ago

I'm sitting on 7mps down (blame the Australian government) so I'm hoping they come through!

LexHazard791143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

22.3 mps down..

I dont know how good that is compared to others. But I like it...everything is running smooth and fast. Got the comcast 150mps package.

illtownNJONE1143d ago

230 down 20 up..... TWC san antonio

Spid3r61143d ago

If you can stream netflix you can play this game...It takes much less bandwidth.

LexHazard791143d ago

@illtown, thats crazynz i guess. Im assuming its fiber optics. I can probably squeeze a little more but theres about 8-9 devices on it.

n4rc1143d ago

im on a 30/10 connection with the nearest azure datacenter coming in at sub-20ms

latency (as always in gaming..always) is what will matter most, not bandwidth..

Christopher1143d ago

***If you can stream netflix you can play this game...It takes much less bandwidth.

This is incorrect. Unless you think streaming sub-HD is the point of Netflix.

Furthermore, Netflix requires no "uploading" from your end, while this will require constant upload rates.

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1143d ago
christocolus1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )


That's pretty cool. I thought it would be more than that. There's going to be a multiplayer beta of some sort in summer 2016. Can't wait. MS and Reagent have finally proven the naysayers wrong and I just found out that Sumo Digital is one of the devs working on the game, according to Ryan (IGN Crackdown 3 Rewind trailer) the studio will probably be handling the Cars/Driving aspect of the game since they are quite good at creating racing games with awesome handling and physics. This game will be awesome.

lemoncake1143d ago

2-4mbps Seems about right as all you are sending and receiving is the computations and not streaming a video feed which gobbles away bandwidth like there's no tomorrow.

Volkama1143d ago

I called the bandwidth requirement over a year ago :)

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Mr-Dude1143d ago

What If my internet goes down? The console cant connect with Microsoft so... Will the game than suffer?

TheGreatGamer1143d ago

You then don't have access to multiplayer... just like every other game that has multiplayer that requires online

Genuine-User1143d ago

Destruction in Crackdown is dependent on their cloud tech that requires an internet connection.