What if Microsoft did get Take-two?

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Some of you may of heard that Microsoft are supposedly making a move to acquire Take-Two [rumours like this have been heard before]. So lets say what if this was true, what would it mean to the gaming world. No doubt it would have a huge impact on the gaming industry. Lets take a look.

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PPGN3708d ago

The PS3 would fail and the Xbox 360 would be the leading console for years to come. 2K games has numerous titles on the PS3 and Xbox 360 together and if it all went exclusive to 360, The PS3 owners would cry.

Elven63708d ago

Thats true, Sony has 1 or 2 exclusives from take two so thats all PS3 owners would get.

NO_PUDding3708d ago

I actually still doubt it.

GTAIV was a failure, and it's unlilkely Rockstar would stay with Take Two is Microsoft took over.

Microsoft would be wanting to keep Rockstar, so they might as well just buy the studio.

Even then, the only loss the PS3 would ahve is the loss of that fabled exclsuive. GTAIV was awful, so you wouldn't really be missing out on anything.

sonarus3708d ago

lol are you serious. Please someone tell me why 2k has been in debt for all these yrs then. With their oh so many wonderful games

Mr_cheese3708d ago

ahh but like elven said we do have exclusives still and games like L.A noir seem to have potential, even though we haven't seen much. Would be a great loss, Rockstar make many great games.

Elven63708d ago

Lol what world are you living in? GTA 4 was not a failure, have you seen the sales figures?

NO_PUDding3708d ago

Sales figures mean nothing for a sequel if the product wasn't that great.

People purchase (or don't) from experience.

Elven63708d ago

Ever heard of Killzone?

sonarus3708d ago

GTA4 was far from failure but 90% of 2k games are all fail. They hardly turn profit on any of their sports games due to their epic battle with EA. They have a couple of good franchises that sell decent but aside from GTA no epic titles that equal sales. They had to can NCAA series because of it and anyone wonder why there is no all pro 2k9 this yr. Take two buy out is just mercy really. Take two is dying and someone needs to buy them. Msoft needs more studios if they plan to stay in the business so its a smart move

NO_PUDding3708d ago

Elven, unless you have a good point don't get arrogant.

Killzone 2 hasn't shipped yet, you can't comment on the sales of it's sequel. It has also had more than it's fair share of criticism thrown it's way becuase of it's predecessor. But it's 1st aprty now, and it ate up a big chunk of money, so I have TONS of faith in it to deliver a basic satisfying shooter.

LeonSKennedy4Life3708d ago

The Darkness?

Both amazing games!

2k boston and starbreeze know what they're doing.

GTAIV sold like crack. What is that one guy talking about? The game was amazing too...and I've never liked a GTA before.

dcbronco3708d ago

@ pudding I thought this Killzone was a sequel. So if people go by the past, they shouldn't expect much from 2.

Without GTA, Take2 is just another EA, a bunch of sequels. They need to come up with some more games that are guaranteed to make a nice profit. The sports games are okay, but until EA loses that NFL license, you don't have anything else in there that makes the company worth 2.5 billion. And I understand Kaz believes 1st party is the way to go, but I wish everyone would stop parroting that as if it is the absolute truth. Sony's 1st party studios so far have given Sony nothing but loses for the most part this generation. And it will be 3 more months before they have another game that will bring them a major profit. Resistance was the first(and only), that was 2006. And that took time. Resistance 2 should sell 3 million copies, LBP should sell even more. But if they try to price LBP at $60, only a fool would buy it. It's a $40 game. But if they can get people to pay $60 for a game you basically make yourself, I applaud Sony as geniuses. A whole different kind of programming genius. So for the rest of the year, after spending somewhere over 70 million, they should make a very nice profit. Killzone should also make a nice profit. But after the financial failures of the first two years on the software side, they have a lot of catching up to do. The PS3 so far has been a money pit on both the hardware and software side.

N2NOther3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

How is a game that sold almost 10 millions copies a "failure"? Never mind...I read your stupid.

So GTA IV is a "failure" because YOU didn't like it? I'm fairly certain that you are in a vast minority on that one.

tudors3708d ago

will still get the games, why would MS throw money away by restricting which console the games go on? timed exclusives yes but the PS3 would still get the games.

N2NOther3707d ago

Please tell me, in the history of gaming, where a console manufacturer has bought a publisher and it's studios and allowed the games to go cross platform?

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Lord Anubis3708d ago

if they take em Rockstar would leave as they have already stated that.

ICUP3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

Source/link please.

ElementX3708d ago

I bet MS does buy Take Two. I think T2 would be more willing to be bought by MS than EA. EA is buying companies left and right and at least MS has better standing with the gaming world.

Mr_cheese3708d ago

would be a dam shame for other consoles though

Real gamer 4 life3708d ago

I wouldn't want Microsoft to buy Take two. It would be awful for all gamers everywhere.

Real Gambler3708d ago

Microsoft is really bad because all they are doing is buying other business. It's a huge company that cannot do anything on it's own. They took years to develop an OS. Need an antivirus? buy a company. Need a firewall? buy a company. Need something else, buy company. And still after buying tons of great little business, they still cannot do anything right.

I have to say that they are doing better in the gaming division though. (those company that they bought are still producing decent games). But if you look at the trend, I would worry a lot!

N2NOther3708d ago

Some of you haven't the faintest idea of what a successful business does...It makes money and with that money it buys other businesses to expand. I like what MS is doing because it's what it should be doing. You act like Sony never acquired another company.

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KobeT243708d ago

The person in the article asnwered his own question.

What would happen if TK2 was aquired by Microsoft? Rockstar would become an indepedent developer, and Sony will lose Bioshock thats it! Pointless article if you ask me.

Id rather EA buy them so all gamers win.

Real gamer 4 life3708d ago

Wasn't there rumors back then that sony was going to take rockstart under their wing?

thekingofMA3708d ago

there was rumors but that's all

rockstar could end up anywhere really-it all comes down to how much they want i guess?

blade2063708d ago

yep i heard that too i think it's true

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