Destiny: The Dreadnought Has More To Offer Than You Think – Gamescom 2015

Clipping Error discuss the new details about the new area being added to Destiny in its latest expansion, The Taken King, the Dreadnought. This area is fully explorable by players, and contains new activities for Guardians to undertake, which is what the developers have been discussing recently, prompting much excitement from the community.

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pompombrum1078d ago

Well after the original game and expansions, I imagine most have set their expectations accordingly so maybe it actually will offer us more and we can all be pleasantly surprised.

Allsystemgamer1078d ago

weve been saying they can surprise us since launch...then we got TDB and HoW and both were very subpar

Nitrowolf21078d ago (Edited 1078d ago )

I don't mean to be that guy to defend them because I have as much doubt about them as anyone else but those 2 DLC were canned from the start I mean we can't really expect a lot of big changes from the court game if they were originally a part of them to begin with. The taking king looks like an expansion that they actually did built right after destiny launched and from everything they've said and even shown it does look like a big improvement

TimeSkipLuffy1078d ago

They will never say the expansion will be done in a day... that's for sure :D. Bungie tells you what you want to hear. they know exactly how much money they demand from gamers for an expansion. As long as there are enough buyers they can still say Destiny 2 will be 2 times bigger then Destiny 1 with all addons...

Allsystemgamer1078d ago

i can guarantee it wont be anywhere near that big. Destiny has left a very sour taste in my mouth along with my clan who have all moved on. The base game play was great! everything else fell so short. Spending hours upon hours HOPING to get something slightly more useful? Now they're nerfing everyone's favourite weapons.

KwietStorm1078d ago

Yea? You can guarantee it?