Battlefield Heroes Delayed, Coming Late 2008

Shacknews writes: "EA DICE's upcoming free-to-play PC shooter Battlefield Heroes has been delayed and is now expected to arrive late this year, publisher Electronic Arts announced today.

The ad-supported, web-based shooter was previously expected to launch this summer. During a conference call today, EA CEO John Riccitiello revealed that the game is now "launching at the end of the calendar year."

"We decided to increase its focus on some of the social networking features," Riccitiello noted, stressing that the studio hopes to incorporate beta tester feedback and implement new features. "The last thing we want to do is jab it in the marketplace."

Riccitiello seemed optimistic about the title's development despite the delay, adding that Battlefield Heroes "still feels like it's progressing much like we anticipated."

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fermcr3706d ago

Screw Battlefield Heroes... Give us Battlefield 3 for PC.

proArchy3706d ago

Props to EA for trying something new for free, but BF:BC makes my multiplaying heart sing! Can't wait for Conquest mode.