Mick Gordon won't return for 'Killer Instinct: Season 3'

Video game music composer Mick Gordon has announced Thursday his departure from the free-to-play "Killer Instinct" reboot on Xbox One.

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lolosgolos1143d ago

Noooooo this Dude's been killing the beats so far


WOW!!! This is not good.... this guy has been amazing. I wonder why he is moving on? Sometimes I just sit back and listen to the soundtrack. This guy will be tough to replace.

StrayaKNT1143d ago

Who will replace him and they any good? Mick Gordon is a genius

StifflerK1143d ago

His soundtracks were really good, it'll be sad to see him leave, but I wish him all the best in his future projects.

Atlas Plug (Tom Salta) and Celldweller are doing season 3 - they've done a lot of work for videogames/movies etc in the past - you may not recognize the names but you've most definitely heard their stuff, they're very good - they also did the Rash gameplay trailer music.

Mikefizzled1143d ago

Tom Salta did Halo 2 Anniversary and Spartan Assault I think.

maybelovehate1143d ago

That is too bad, he was killing it!

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