104 Questions And Answers About Destiny: The Taken King


Destiny has a thriving community that endlessly thirsts for more information on Bungie's burgeoning universe. With the launch of our extensive September cover story on Destiny: The Taken King, we explained as much as a cover story can contain, but there were still some lingering questions like "Whose face is on the strange coin?" and "Are there bathrooms on the tower?" The only way to cover as much ground as we need to in an interview with The Taken King's creative director Luke Smith was to take the same approach as our No Man's Sky interview from last year, and rapid-fire our way through dozens and dozens of burning questions. Game Informer's Ben Reeves sat down with Smith at Bungie to ask what's on everybody's mind.

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gamer91139d ago

Why are there only 3 new strikes? This is supposed to be a new year of destiny yet we’ll be grinding all the same content in nightfall and weekly. It’s going to feel like the same old game.