Why Rise of the Tomb Raider’s Violence Has Turned Me Off the Game

CraveOnline: For a while I had been under the impression that Rise of the Tomb Raider would follow a Man of Steel-esque story arc. In Man of Steel, "Superman is implicated in what must amount to billions of dollars worth of property damage, not to mention an exorbitant amount of civilian deaths as a result of his battle in the middle of Metropolis with General Zod. Such was the extent of this mayhem that it became one of the biggest complaints viewers had with the film, as its “happy ending” seemed a little far-fetched considering he’d left his city a crumbling, post-apocalyptic wasteland and its residents left to piece together their lives in its aftermath."

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littlezizu1144d ago

Lara must have found an idol in a tomb, accidentally activating it made her travel in future and visit Joel(last of us) who thought her how to fight brutally and be violent. She then was able to re-activate idol and return to present.
This is reason for lara violent spree.

tinynuggins1144d ago

I'm also looking forward to this game. Never been a fan of the franchise in the past but this one has peaked my interest. Must be all that juicy violence.

TFJWM1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

umm if you had no interest of the reboot why would you suddenly have interest in this. They are pretty much the same...

tinynuggins1143d ago


I'll check it out if they're pretty much the same I'll scoop it up as well. Thanks!

Godmars2901144d ago

Also bringing back the fungus thus starting the plague and ending civilization in a temporal paradox loop, since the fungus didn't exist in the first place.

WitWolfy1144d ago

We should go to wiki and edit this in so that its cannon!

Imalwaysright1144d ago

Are we gonna say that Joel learned from Lara since TR 2013 was released in March 2013 and TloU was released in June 2013?

nX1144d ago

No, we'll say that you simply missed the joke.

Imalwaysright1144d ago

Oh I understood the "joke". I've been here since 2007 and trust me, it's easy for me to spot "them". Just look at the 1st comment in this thread.

joab7771144d ago

It's not that it isn't tomb raider. It isn't Lara Croft at all. Hell, she's more psychotic than Drake. They could have given us 2 characters to play, or like enslaved, had a partner that was violent.

Wouldn't it be amazing if a game allowed you to kill or not kill at all, and the world and your players psyche changed b/c of your actions. I know MGS does it well, but they give you all the tools. Imagine if Lara had a few skill lines and 1 was non-lethal. It took more time and effort but she could sneak and craft traps and weapons that don't kill most of the time...limiting the number of faces she sees dying to less than 1000.

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slappy5081144d ago

Nothing to see here folks. The writer is basically complaining that you can do brutal stealth take downs on enemies instead of the old less violent shooting everything with your dual pistols way

DonkeyDoner1144d ago

he's right tbh, he want a "Tomb Raider" not TLOU or uncharted rip off

Sm00thop1144d ago

It's not a rip off at all, you could say Uncharted and TLOU rip off plenty of games and ideas to. A lot of people are just moaning because its on Xbox first.

Rookie_Monster1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

The last Tomb Raider was rated M while Uncharted 3 was rated T for Teen which copied the same rating as the previous older Tomb Raider rating to a T. So in essence, it is Uncharted ripping off Tomb Raider while the TOMB raider reboot and this sequel is reinventing itself.

Also, The Last of Us came out after the Last Tomb Raider and is rated M so you could say that it is also copying and ripping off Tomb Raider Reboot as well.

In the end, I think you got it all twisted around. LoL

badz1491144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )


Dude, you're trying too hard. It's undeniable that the new Lara is too far into the violence side. They could have just made the game TR but have a different protagonists but instead they uncharacteristically turned Lara into what she isn't.

slappy5081143d ago

How many times do I have to go over this with people. Tomb raider is not a rip off of TLOU unchartered:
- it is open world
- you have a skill perk system
-tomb raider existed before Unchartered

I'm not going to debate which one is better because I like them both for different reasons. They're different games of the same genre

jb2271142d ago

@Rookie monster, how does one copy a rating? Going by your logic The Interview is a ripoff of The Godfather because they are both rated r.

People need to come off this denial of the similarities between CDs recent output & Naughty Dog' is blatantly obvious that the CD guys are inspired by NDs work...that's not a bad thing in the slightest but it's inherently true. The only issue I have is the iconography being basically a carbon copy of TLOU in terms if the real time crafting. Not a big deal but it does come off a bit lazy on CDs part.

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marioJP871144d ago

Bubble up. Well said and agreed upon.

Imalwaysright1144d ago

I remember how her grenade launcher would turn her enemies into 10 blocks of pixels.

guyman1143d ago

Hahah well said. People will look for an excuse to hate the game.

robtion1143d ago

I think ludonarrative dissonance may be an issue for the direction they are going with ROTTR, just as it is in the Uncharted series.

It's okay to be brutal and ultraviolet in The Last Of Us because the circumstances are extreme and people have been shaped by that. Even the survival situation of the TR reebot it was forced on Lara. It will be interesting to see how they justify it in this game.

TricksterArrow1143d ago

If I recall correctly, Lara killed her first man at 35 years old in Tomb Raider I, and it was retconned to be very emotional in the remake (Anniversary).

Tomb Raider II was heavily criticized for having too much human enemies, to which the next titles toned down considerably, to the point of whole segments having no weapons at all: Lara subdue guards with chloroform in TR Chronicles, instead of breaking their necks. She also has no guns in her adventures as a 17 old young lady, despite facing demons (literally) on a haunted Island.

Point is: she had dual pistols. Mostly as a self defence against bears, bats, gorillas, tigers, Lions, demons, mummys, skeletons, sharks and, eventually, a bad guy (that more often than not, was also an alien/ demon).

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StrayaKNT1144d ago

Looks like the best Tomb raider to date imo

nX1144d ago

Isn't that the lowest expectation someone should have from like the 11th game of a series?

Inzo1144d ago

It must actually be a Tomb Raider game to be rated as the best Tomb Raider to date, which it isnt.

StrayaKNT1144d ago

Take off your goggles dude. I bet your excited about uncharted right? I'll be getting both but Tomb raider looks so much better from what we have seen. Gameplay is what matters dude not just story.

starchild1143d ago

Lol, absurd. It's most definitely a Tomb Raider game. I've been playing this series since the first one and it has gone through changes just as any long-standing series does, but its core elements are still there.

jb2271142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )


You obviously haven't played an Uncharted game if you are harping about gameplay....gameplay in the UC games have been perfectly balanced between combat, puzzle solving & platforming/traversal. The TR reboot is great fun but some light crafting & upgrades along w/ some backtracking can't make up for the fact that puzzles were almost non existent. They claim to be adding more tombs but that remains to be seen. Story may not matter as much as gameplay but a truly compelling story takes a solid yet forgettable game and makes it a memorable worthwhile experience. You are more than entitled to your opinions and tastes, but to flat out say that gameplay is unequivocally better in the TR reboot is just absurd really. The TR series simply isn't nearly as refined as the Uncharted series, some backtracking & a handful of minutes spent in upgrade tree of a pause menu doesn't close that gap in my personal opinion, along with the opinions of millions of gamers and basically every critic in gaming journalism. But I assume we are all the crazy ones wearing fanboy goggles while you are the picture of unbiased gaming.

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