Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain Gets Two New Short Gameplay Clips

Two new short Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain gameplay clips have been made available online, showcasing Fulton and Cardboard box usage

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Two new short Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain gameplay clips have been made available online, showcasing Fulton and Cardboard box usage
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nevin11081d ago

Interesting I don't need a PS4/Xone to play this.

Anyway, was this game designed around PS3/360?

Summons751081d ago

development started for the ps3/360 but focused switched to next gen though they kept working on the last gen versions too.

umair_s511081d ago

Should perform decent on last gen. I think the graphics will not be as cutting edge as the new gen

Perjoss1081d ago

I played it on PC a few days ago and it looks great.

Jumper091081d ago

the graphics are not cutting edge on new gen either...

flyingwombat331081d ago

@Jumper I think they're pretty impressive. They'll surely be outclassed in terms of fidelity in the next year, but for an open world game running at 60 fps I think it's totally gorgeous.

scark921081d ago

Sept 1st feels so far away!

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jc121081d ago

is this game attempting to make a mockery of itself? You can walk around in a box and avoid detection? Or transform the box into a bikini-clad woman and force your enemies to surrender their gun in a firestorm of lust? Really, this is retarded. Pardon my political incorrectness...

Moe-Gunz1080d ago

The box was always a running joke in the series. You don't have to use it. The fans are the ones who actually got Kojima to put the box back into the game.

Metal Gear can be as serious as you want it to be. However, usually on the second playthrough fans explore the funny elements that are put into the game. It's called Kojima humor. One of the concerns was that PP would be too dark and serious, but Kojima made sure to also put in his famous humor to keep it 100% MGS.

The fact that you think NOW the game is making a mockery of itself due to the cardboard box shows you're ignorant in regards to the serious. The box has been around for years.

jc121080d ago

Ive never really played the series before. I was always under the impression that the game was fairly serious in nature.

Im beginning to see that impression was wrong...

Moe-Gunz1079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )

The game series is serious but adds humor to lighten the tension. It's a great blend because you can easily be overwhelmed by everything going on.

So basically it is serious but Kojima makes sure he still adds fun and hilarious things to help release the tension. Most of this stuff is optional also.

The game features torture, rape, violence, revenge, philosophy, war ideology, weapons of mass destruction, child soldiers, etc. Humor is definitely needed. I mean in MGS:GZ they pulled a bomb out of a woman's womb...and showed it all.


I found this game to be a joke, absolute garbage but it was free on x1. Anyways I haven't touched metal gear since ps1 days. Needless to say I apparently haven't missed much. As much as people praise while rubbing HK's nutsack. Ima do a 360 and walk away saying. The camera, voice acting, and terrible controls this game should have been free from the get go. I'll stick with "Damn it Fisher"

Moe-Gunz1080d ago

Game isn't even out yet.

Jerry Seinfeld1080d ago

Wow... Pearls before swine, I suppose.

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