Xbox One Exclusive Scalebound Gets Lots of New Info on Story, Gameplay, World and Much More

During a behind closed door presentation at Gamescom, Scalebound’s Director Hideki Kamiya, and Creative Producer Jean Pierre Kellams gave more details about the upcoming action RPG, that will be released exclusively on Xbox One next year.

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ThatOneRiggaNob1144d ago

I wasn't hyped for this game at first but it's now a must buy for me after seeing the gameplay and 4 player co-op.

elarcadia1144d ago

I am looking forward to Scalebound and Horizon Zero Dawn the most out of the 2016 lineup (unless Kingdom Hearts is FINALLY given a 2016 release date, then that will join the list). Both games look and sound fantastic, now I am just hoping they can both live up to the hype!

StrayaKNT1144d ago

Wow I need this game asap

raWfodog1144d ago

Game sounds like it will be really good. Looking forward to playing it. Only down side is that it'll probably be close to 2 years before I get to play it since it will not be coming out until Holiday 2016. Since I don't get games when they first come out, it'll be well into 2017 before I will realistically picking it up, and that's if it doesn't get delayed for some reason. At least they will have plenty of development time to make the game really good.

DougLord1144d ago

Am I the only old man turned off by being forced to play as a hipster douche bag? Baggy jeans? Beats Headphones? Swuade boots? A glove on one hand? and a Sword!!!

Stop mixing genres and pull your pants up! I just want to play a grumpy old wizard.

Immorals1144d ago

The headphones really bugged me. Beats are some of the worst headphones you can buy!

As it's an rpg, maybe they are the crap starting gear, I'd love to upgrade them to a nice pair of sennheisers ;)

SEM7ONE1143d ago

do you know that those aren't actually beats headphones right? lol

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