Report: Final Fantasy 15 Release Date Confirmed for 2016

Director finally provides fans a window for eagerly anticipated RPG.

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Snookies121144d ago

I figured it would be 2016. Was hoping for a 2015 release, but they do need time to polish and bug check things. Without all that, I could see them finishing by the end of the year.

bouzebbal1144d ago

Report: Final Fantasy 15 Release Date Confirmed for 2016...until next delay.
i dont believe it will make it next year.

breakpad1144d ago

these are good news ..i was sure that it will be released in 2017

UltraNova1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

Yesterday, I've read somewhere that the game was 65% completed.

Its been what, 9 years in development? That means it takes them 1 year to create 7.2% of the game, so far. Which means they still need 4.8 years to complete it at this rate!

Jokes ^^^ aside, this game turned form a ps3 exclusive to a multiplatform game, taking forever to make/port in the process so they better deliver the best FF game ever(ok maybe as good as FF7).

Army_of_Darkness1144d ago

I still think that it's coming out next gen... You know, when the ps5 releases....

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Magicite1144d ago

10 years since FFVS13 announcement, just makes sense.

crxss1143d ago

you were expecting a 2015 release in august? :|

DarkOcelet1144d ago

Good news especially for those worried they wouldn't reach 100% in 2016.

keenBlade1144d ago


2016 is going to be an amazing year for console gaming.

Horizon Zero Dawm
Uncharted 4
Final Fantasy XV

Gears of War 4
Quantum Break

and, correct me if I'm wrong I guess the new Zelda game is set to release in 2016 as well right?

Man that makes me jealous. Game journalist is kinda the best job in the world. I mean, I wouldn't have had the time to play all this awesomeness myself.

DeletedAcc1144d ago

add TLG and DS3 to the list :)

spacedelete1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

who cares.

Magicite1144d ago

Zelda's date is officially TBA, 2016 might be worst year for WiiU.

Unreal011144d ago


Why comment? No one cares about your opinion.

divinealpha1144d ago

Final fantasy xv is multiplatform.

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Magicite1144d ago

FF15 release date is when Ill be buying PS4 (unless they announce PC version before that.)

Summons751144d ago

Well that was obvious but kinda throwing off my prediction they were gonna push FF7remake for the 20th anniversary... Unless they release it in Q1 or 2 and Kingdom Hearts for the holidays.

I just want to know about Persona 5 now. Is that still on track for 2015 or is that getting a push back as well.

jon_snow1144d ago

Persona 5 release date tba in TGS, they said in twitter. Hopefully its dec 2015.

Magicite1144d ago

I fear that FF15, FF7Re and KH3 might come out too close to each other.

chaos9991144d ago

They would sell anyway.

FF15 2016
FF7 2017 for 20th Anniversary
KH3 2018

Kalebninja1144d ago

Lol chaos are you insane?! 2018 for kingdom hearts? You realize how much of that game is done right? They even said they have an internal release date. I can promise after the interviews they've given the release date will be announced next e3.

pivotplease1144d ago

Expect KH3 to be done before FF7 and don't expect FF7 to be out for the anniversary. I still can't believe how many people forget that the two games share the same director and KH3 is way further along (perhaps as much as 30% done). They also forget that a simple FFX remaster took them like three years. Like a remake of one of their most popular gems is going to take about's just not feasible.

Greyfoxdbz1144d ago

Persona 5 will be released in Japan first by the looks of things and much later in the west.

pivotplease1144d ago

I'm starting to think so too or perhaps a global delay into 2016. The fact that you can't even pre-order it and that there's been no word concerns me.

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