In Defense of the Single Player Experience – and other tangents

Can a game be only 8 hours long or less, with no multiplayer, and still be worth full price? YES! And here is the first opinion piece from the new website Spotlight TV Asia explaining why.

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MSBAUSTX1140d ago

It needs to have a reason for a second play through or something though. Hidden items, more unlockables for playing harder difficulties or something. I am sorry but if I can pay 60 bucks for something like the master chief collection, or the God of War collection which provide remaster versions of fantastic games with tons of hours of fun and multiplayer then a single player game with no multiplayer needs to have more than 5 to 8 hours of gameplay.

Im not saying that a game with only 5 to 8 hours of gameplay can not be amazing and a good game. But is it worth the 60 bucks? We want the most amount of entertainment for our buck. Under 15 or 20 hours for a single player without a campaign seems like a poor investment. I will just wat until it is 30 bucks instead. But again it depends on the game and how awesome it is or if it is something I will really like I suppose. This matter is very relative to each individual.

Bansai1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

Witcher 3 is a great example of singleplayer experience with an awesome value for 60 bucks.

I just wish more games were like that, I'm primarily a singleplayer gamer, tho I also enjoy co-op.

nowitzki20041140d ago

I love SP and MP games, but Ill take a game like Witcher 3 over any MP game.

MSBAUSTX1140d ago

I absolutely agree. Its like fallout, elder scrolls games, and batman. Those games provide extensive content and opportunities for many many hours of gameplay. Games like the Order do not. Doesnt mean The Order isnt good. It just means the value isnt as high as a game that is just as entertaining and offers 10 times the amount of gameplay time and fun.

Darkwatchman1140d ago

Or or or OR the game is just so good that you'll want to play it multiple times a and enjoy it each time because the game is just that good??? I've replayed hundreds of games over my life time at least once. In fact, if I had to estimate, not counting rpg's(because of length), I've probably replayed at least 50% of games I've ever owned at least once

MSBAUSTX1139d ago

"Im not saying that a game with 5 to 8 hours of gameplay cant be amazing and a good game? But is it worth 60 bucks?"

I also said

"But again it depends on the game and how awesome it is.....the matter is very relative to each individual."

It would seem you and I agree then. Because I literally said if you lovethe particular game a bunch and play it through several times then YES ot is worth the 60 bucks. If not to everyone else it is at least worth it to you.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1139d ago

I spend more time replaying games like uncharted over and over again then I do playing through games built to last long amounts just once.

BlackPanther1140d ago

To me a game that is eight hours long with no multiplayer and only one branch of linear gameplay isn't worth $60 to me.

I can wait for the game to be $40 or less to play such a game. But to each their own.

MSBAUSTX1140d ago

Its funny. You said exactly what I said and have the same amount of agrees as I do disagrees lol.

nowitzki20041140d ago

Some games should not have MP, and some like BF I could care less if they have SP or not. Im a bigger fan of BF than COD but COD should have both and Battlefield should be a MP only game.

SolidGear31140d ago

I spent $60 on 6 hour campaigns without touching multiplayer in the past. If it's good and I want to play it again, then I keep it. If not, then I trade it on Game Trading Zone for something I want.

pyramidshead1140d ago

When traditional single player disappears that's when I think I'll be giving up gaming.

Single player has been bread and butter standard since gaming's inception.

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The story is too old to be commented.