Creepy Hellblade trailer for PS4 focuses on Senura

New Gamescom trailer focuses on the main protagonist, Senua .

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TheJacksonRGN932d ago

So this is what they showed in the E3 trailer minus the combat.

medman931d ago

Uhhh...the name is Senua. Yikes. "Games journalism" strikes again.

nosferatuzodd932d ago

sweet i like games like this well of to say something positive before all the fanboys come in with their bias negativity
like why wasn't sony at gamescome like they really care when all they want is a reason to make an argument so sony can look bad in it

ArchangelMike932d ago

I recognize Andy Serkis's voice in that trailer.

G20WLY931d ago

And that's great news! His contribution to Heavenly Sword was huge - it's what made the characters so memorable and their emotions believable. He does great voice work too. :)

poppinslops932d ago

Wow... she's intense.

I remember being underwhelmed by the gameplay trailer, mostly because of where the camera is positioned... What ever happened to multiple camera settings in videogames?

The focus on one-on-one combat is refreshing, but the most interesting aspect is this Senura lady - an unreliable witness can make for a great protaganist... and her legs are incredible.

Here's hoping this eventually comes to xbox or pc... Ninja Theory are 3rd party, right?

Tony-Red-Grave931d ago

They've already stated in the Dev Dairies that theu don't have the budget to include a dynamic camera liks in DmC, Enalaved, and Heavenly Sword. So, their using this one because it best fits the needs of the team for the game..

littlezizu932d ago

The Game is Unique and like the style. 2016 is gonna be awesome for ps4 owners so many games.

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The story is too old to be commented.