Video: Xenoblade Chronicles X: First impressions - gorgeous world

The guys of GamingBoulevard played Wii U Exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles X and give their first impressions.

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Yi-Long1145d ago

Any word yet if the western release will have the Japanese voices as an option, like the first game had on the Wii?

R00bot1144d ago

I don't think so. It's already filled the disc. There's a chance they might release it as a download but who knows if they'll do that.

Metallox1143d ago

Nope. We need to wait a little bit more to know that.

Maybay1143d ago

You got to admire Nintendo for trying to appease their fans, even though the Wii U is labeled as a "dead platform."

Sly-Lupin1143d ago

Only idiots are calling it that.

Maybay1143d ago

That's why I put "dead platform" in quotes (I think it's a foolish statement too).

Locknuts1143d ago

Pop in seems a little much. Looks great otherwise.

JacketsNest1011143d ago

That's what happens when you have a seamless open world of this size. Some things just take a little longer to load.

hduce1143d ago

This game looks gorgeous even with off screen footage.