Battleborn release date confirmed, Gamescom trailer reveals four new characters

News of the Battleborn release date arrives along with details of four new characters.

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Shuckylad930d ago

As a big borderlands fan I'm interested to see how this one turns out.

BlackPanther930d ago

This game intrigues me. I want to see it succeed for sure. I think I will pick it up near launch to see how it plays.

spacedelete930d ago

Evolve part 2. let the milking begin.

Darkfist930d ago

just hope the story mode is long

GoPanthers999930d ago

The timing of the release is bad. PvZGW2 also launches in late February.

Volkama930d ago

Wouldn't be surprised to see the likes of Overwatch, Gigantic, PvZGW2, Paladins (or whatever the Hi-Rez game is called), and this one really take chunks out of each other. Suddenly a very crowded sub-genre.

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