She Has to Die

"With the Final Fantasy VII remake coming soon, there’s been much talk about what should change and what shouldn’t. I’ve already listed 10 Changes The FF7 Remake Needs, but today I’ll address one thing that shouldn’t change: the death of…a character. This is your only warning: I will spoil things from FFVII, The Lion King, one early bit of The Last of Us, and book #1 of A Song of Ice and Fire, 'A Game of Thrones.' Get out now if you want to." -PSLS

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masterfox1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

I think they can let her be alive, I mean theres a picture of her on the instruction booklet of her seeing from the ground Cid's aircraft this on the original game case, in the game she never gets the opportunity to see that ship.

This is the pic Im referring:

Also never got the opportunity to level her up, so I totally wouldn't mind to let her be alive and kicking shinra butt!!

Snookies121142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

I believe the picture is meant to convey that she'll never get to ride the airship. Despite the fact that she wanted to. Notice that she's alone, since she's the one that passed away.

I personally think it would be way too drastic a change to keep her alive. It just wouldn't feel like the same story without this major event happening.

breakpad1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

ok here is an idea for Square...(you saw it here first) ..they can let player decide by his affection-actions which girl will die (Tifa or Aeris ) that would be a surprise and let all the old fans speechless and the new ones surprised

TricksterArrow1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

Hmmm... Aerith is the last Cetra and the only one that can cast Holy, that's why she was killed. Tifa is just a regular girl, plus the affection rates being higher for Barret or Yuffie would also result in their deaths?

Aerith will and should die. She is the only one that can save the world after death from the Lifestream. Tifa needs to be alive in order to piece and reveal Cloud's memories later on. Barret and Yuffie dying would have little plot relevance whatsoever.

Aerith's death is much more than a simple twist. It has depth, it has meaning. It should stay that way.

breakpad1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

@Trickster ...the motive will be only one of these two girls can die and the one with the more affection (so it would affect the player sentimentally) ..also if you noticed the whole FFVII was built that way without the need of a necessary girl(or char) to be alive (memories can be revealed by Nibelheim folks and Lifestream could be done with Aeris alive , i dont understand the reason to be dead), because the devs werent sure which character should die from Sephiroth (at the start)... i agree about the lore but the changes will be minimal to the whole game and if they want a surprise FFVII phenomenon again they should try it ..and drop out the whole meta-fanservice-lore which was built after the game

dumahim1141d ago


Probably won't read a better, bubble worthy "well said" post today. Hell, this week.

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vork771141d ago

she has to die so she can be with Zack

rohsik1141d ago

she is meant to be with Zack. :)

thejigisup1141d ago

Your fault for not leveling her... When she died i started a new save just to level her.. Back when i was a child and i could grind levels for days on end knowing there was no reward.

Charybdis1141d ago

True It definitely was one of those defining moments in the game.

Relientk771142d ago

Phoenix down can't save you now

scark921141d ago

The people want a remake. Give them a remake. I hope the strategy mini game at Fort Condor reappears.

excaliburps1141d ago

I do want her to live, but if they did that, wouldn't that shake up the foundation a tad too much?

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