Destiny: The Taken King Gameplay Leaked, Beware of Spoilers

SegmentNext - It looks like Bungie couldn’t keep a lid on The Taken King until release, as new gameplay video has been leaked online.

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taimourmasood1140d ago

i must say Pretty Impressive!

TimeSkipLuffy1140d ago

Well it has been shown to visitors at Gamescom. Not just journalists but actual gamers. Therefore it does not really needed to be kept a secret.

LackTrue4K1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

I wouldn't worrie much about spoilers in the article, the game never came out much of a story.

I do like hiw they added Iron-man, Thor, and Hawkeye in this new DLC.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1139d ago

Spoilers can be gameplay related too, but I don't see any really.

Good joke though ahaha I laughed, +Bubs for you! :)

TM3331139d ago

Do people actually still play this game? LOL, had to be the first to say that. Usually SOMEONE always throws that in comments section about Destiny. Of course I'm being sarcastic as, yes I still play this blasted game. Been getting a bit of a break, with the Witcher 3, but TTK is getting nearer! Getting excited about jumping on that Dreadnaught.

Sevir1139d ago

I'm Stoked about this along! It seems they are really giving the story some much needed attention.