Battle of the Bands: Rock Band 2 vs. Guitar Hero

In anticipation of the two biggest music games in history, GameDaily pit Rock Band 2 against Guitar Hero: World Tour to see which one might rock the hardest.

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kornbeaner3672d ago

I;m going with GH:WT for 2 reasons.

1. The controllers look better and the guitar is way better than the RB guitar.

2. The music set list for GH (rumored anyways) looks way better then the one announced for RB2.

theflyingfool3672d ago

not a bad read but nothing to exciting either

sa_nick3671d ago

I'm going to be continually amazed with the stupidity of people who thing that the GH drums are better than the RB ones because they have cymbals.

a Set of 3 optional cymbals (Rock Band) is so much better than 2 cymbals placed in crap positions (GH:WT)

RevN8r3671d ago

+bubs, you sir, are correct!