Why Japanese Box Art is Better

Some countries just do things better than other countries. America exports films and fast food; France is famous for its wine and snooty red berets; Cuba has cigars and dudes named Castro. And Japan, in addition to many other feats of geek-related awesomeness, can claim the coolest and most creative videogame box art in the world.

You've seen cover comparisons before, of course, but have you ever wondered exactly what makes the Japanese versions so preferable? Or why gamers are constantly complaining about the mangled translations? GamesRadar did, and after scouring through hundreds of examples, they discovered these nine undeniable trends.

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Dir_en_grey3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

Anybody know the reason?
Like Rockman = Mega Man, Kuppa = Bowser etc.

What's the deal with changing the buttons even. Like on PS1/2/3, Circle = No and X = Yes in US. Shouldn't Circle be a universal language to YES and X is to NO???? WTF America, wants to be on the different side of the road, want to use different measuring system... Wants to be different from the rest of the world...
Is this some f'ed up culture thing??? I live here and I don't f'ing get it.

ThatArtGuy3707d ago

Well, I know in Rockman, all names were based on music terms. So you had Rock and Roll, Treble, and Bass. They changed Rockman in North America because Mega Man sounds better to most people.

riksweeney3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

The Japanese and, by extension, European box arts for Final Fantasy are much better than the US versions.

I think the problem is that the US box arts need bright colours with lots of stuff going on so that it appeals.

haphilli3708d ago

I think that the regional DVDs in other countries have better cover art than the US we always seem very generic.

TapiocaMilkTea3707d ago

I do find it more ergonomic to have the X button as main button, the O is just more out of the way. The name changing is beyond me, Street Fighter was one great example of pointless random name switching.
I can totally do a term paper analyzing cultural differences based on video game box art, pretty good topic for a psych class....