Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain "Mother Base" Info and Opinion

For those that don’t know or understand the brand new MGSV:TPP online feature all works we will keep it simple. Big Boss has a Base AKA Mother Base he will be building and managing throughout the story mode. Growing in numbers is pretty much key from start so recruit by fultoning various POW, soldiers and scientist will help you build the base.

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Captain_Wormy1143d ago

I had to throw away like four pairs of underwear from all the jizz after that Mother Base gameplay demo. Hype levels over 300000!!

just_looken1143d ago

Got to deveolp those swimtrunk next time and find a pool.

I to was blown away im going to have so much fun with my stealth camo/sleep grenades silenced lethal/non lethal weapons raiding all the noob fob bases.

Of course my own bases will be offline.

poor_cus_of_games1143d ago

My base won't be offline. I love a good challenge.

mgszelda11143d ago

I wonder if this will be ready at launch, since mgo won't and he said this was separate from that

SlightlyRetarted1143d ago

It will be day 1. They confirmed that.

mgszelda11142d ago

Then I'm absolutely content with mgo delay. Cue the zoe music