Siren's Scary Fun, but Sony Download Store Is Just Scary (Wired Review)

Review by Chris Kohler:

"I've got a great idea: How about I take this review and split it up into 12 different blog posts? You'll get exactly the same content, but with a bunch of annoying busy work standing between you and the review.

Sound ridiculous? Well, that's exactly what Sony did with Siren: Blood Curse for PlayStation 3. It's a big-budget survival horror game -- and a creepy, awesome one at that -- but somewhere along the line it became a guinea pig for the "episodic content" bandwagon. It's been split up into 12 parts and offered up on the PS3's direct download store. You have to buy them in packages of four episodes each, or buy all of them at once at a discount. Here's the punch line: No matter how you purchase them, you have to download 12 individual files and install each of them to your PS3's hard drive, a laborious and time-consuming process.

Siren's distribution system is thoroughly broken, which is sad considering the game itself is solid. It's a legitimately scary breakneck sprint through a town full of living corpses that blends stealth, action, puzzle-solving and tense chase sequences into an entertaining, if brief, adventure."

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RevNick863639d ago

Wasn't this meant to save storage space on a console with ever increasing number of games requiring mandatory installs the same as Metal Gear only installs the chapter you are playing?

ruibing3638d ago

Yeah, but its just a blog post by someone trying to find another reason to complain. If it had been one cohesive download, he would have complained that it took too long and used up to much space. If I can put websites on ignore, this one would be at the top of the list.

Silogon3639d ago

Time consuming? Not for me. I downloaded an episode, played it and while doing so had the other episodes downloading at the same time.

Really, this is a means to B*tch and nothing more. You can't play the 1st chapter and 2nd chapter faster than it takes to download the 3rd one. not on my connection anyways.

In total it took me 2 hours to get all 12 downloaded. I don't see the problem at all.

Oh, I get it. I get it. It's because it's so much fun watching them download instead of playing them, right chris? You stupid ass!

juuken3639d ago

...What a pathetic review.
More Sony bashing FTL.

buckethead_X3639d ago

Juuken in the gamer zone? Seriuosly though, I'm getting this game one way or another. Probably from playasia ^^

juuken3639d ago

Yes I'm back. Hopefully I don't get unfairly reported again. -__-

TheDeadMetalhead3639d ago

Worlds Collide, dude! *shivers*

meepmoopmeep3638d ago

yeah, get it from Play-Asia guys. but be careful there's 2 versions there, one is JPN only and the other has both JPN/ENG.

The JPN only has a big red triangle thing on the front cover.

i'll order mine this week, oh and also google play-asia coupons to save some $

Opiumunkey3638d ago

I ordered the asian version from playasia and it comes in english/japanese.

The booklet is in japanese but they added a little manual with the controls and some other stuff in english.

They also sent me a free bonus CD which contains the soundtrack (6 tracks or so).

There is a 5 GB install.

I wasnt able to play that much, but i really like it so far!

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Peekay3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

buy the WHOLE game from playasia in English:

avacadosnorkel3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

the pause menu in the game is not in English or any of the menu content. That the objectives during play are not english either. But the Americans still speak english in the game if that's what you mean.

meepmoopmeep3638d ago

nope, they're fully in english, even the manual.

there's 2 versions though (check my comment above)

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