Microsoft's support of Tomb Raider reboot led to sequel's exclusive, Square Enix says

Rogers, the CEO of Square Enix in the Americas and Europe, suggested to Game Informer that the direction of developer Crystal Dynamics' Tomb Raider reboot was a contentious issue within Square Enix.

"I'm not saying it split the company, but in many ways when you're trying to reboot a franchise that's got the history of Tomb Raider, it does divide opinion," Rogers told Game Informer. "We took it in a very fresh direction. I think that at the end of the day, the accolades that we got with Tomb Raider (2013) were great. At the time, not everyone felt that way."

Microsoft has "been close friends of Tomb Raider since the reboot," said Rogers. "So, the evolution of this relationship deepening with the timed exclusive is a very natural one for us, but a tough decision."

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1111d ago

The explanation doesn't make much sense:

"It was a big decision for us," Rogers says. "The reboot of Tomb Raider was a fascinating journey for us. I'm not saying it split the company, but in many ways when you're trying to reboot a franchise that's got the history of Tomb Raider, it does divide opinion. We took it in a very fresh direction. I think that at the end of the day, the accolades that we got with Tomb Raider (2013) were great. At the time, not everyone felt that way."

It turns out that Microsoft's support of this new vision for the classic franchise played a part in the timed exclusivity. "One big group that we always felt helped us was Microsoft," Rogers says. "They've been close friends of Tomb Raider since the reboot and reimagining of where we could take Lara Croft and Tomb Raider. So, the evolution of this relationship deepening with the timed exclusive is a very natural one for us, but a tough decision."

Especially when sales numbers for the Tomb Raider reboot were actually better on the PS4 and PS3.

PS3 - 2.43 million
PS4 - .93 million
Xbox One - .35 million
Xbox 360 - 1.86

VGChartz was the only source I could find for console totals, but clearly, the sales numbers are skewed towards Playstation platforms.

nX1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

It doesn't need to make sense, they got a truckload of money for it and the PS4 version was delayed by a year. The fact that they're still trying to explain it as some kind of miraculous partnership is kinda funny though.

From a logical perspective, judging by sales of the previous game and the history of Tomb Raider, this would've actually been a Playstation exclusive lol

Tedakin1111d ago

Maybe Sony didn't offer them anything to make it PS4 exclusive......

bouzebbal1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

in other terms, MS pay for the marketing campaign against getting a year of exclusivity. Not bad but i would prefer a Dragon Quest (full exclusivity), FF7 remake(timed?) or NieR 2(full exclusivity) instead.

Ezz20131111d ago

All of this is just bad PR to me
and not helping them at all.

Septic1111d ago

Yup it all boils down to money. That's money hatting for you and everyone does it. Still a crappy facet of this industry.

UltraNova1111d ago

SE tries too hard to justify their decision.

Maybe its time they learned that if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all.

DeadlyFire1111d ago

Maybe they just feel exclusivity will boast its sales on Xbox to match the sales on PS platforms.

XisThatKid1111d ago

Saving face are we. Good for you.

dcbronco1111d ago

Gamers need to get over themselves. They refuse to accept price increases. But want developers to do more and to take risk. They align themselves with companies instead of supporting good work regardless of who makes it. We've seen so many developers go out of business and quickly latch on to the idea that it was all because of poor management.

These are the ideas of children, not adults with responsibilities. Prices have gone up drastically since 2005 on most things. While salaries have gone down. Except in high demand fields. Programming is one of those high demand fields. So while their cost went up, you expect to pay the same. Add a new generation of consoles and the learning curve involved and that increases cost.

That will change as the generation moves on. And because of similar architectures and the ability to use the same code for Xbox and PC. But gamers need to understand developers will need additional income. Whether that's Microsoft paying for an advertising campaign or development costs or micro transactions. But gamers need to understand these are companies and they need income. Putting negative connotations on things like moneyhatting in a field like gaming where people latch onto the most ridiculous things forever is unhealthy for the industry.

I like physical copies. Especially when collectors additions come in those beautiful metal cases. Perfect Dark is still my favorite Xbox 360 case. But we have to accept digital, price increases, micro transactions or something. People are more than willing to accept a 40-50% increase in movie prices over the last decade but refuse to budge on games. Once you buy the bluray you've paid almost $30 for a two hour movie to watch over and over but won't spend $70 for a game that gives you 200 hours of unique fun.

I know a lot of people here get it. But far too many gamers don't. The ones that don't are destroying gaming.

gangsta_red1111d ago

At this point it doesn't matter how much proof of MS actually helping with marketing and publishing for TR or what Square actually says repeatedly.

For some reason this particular deal is bad for the industry.

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LAWSON721111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

Well you don't make sense, that quote says MS help support Tomb Raider, none of that has anything to with total sale numbers differences between consoles. Perhaps use your brain instead of call something nonsense and post sales figures that have literally nothing to with your quote, maybe things would become clear.

Disagree all you want just shows you can't read or lack comprehension skills because nothing in that quote is even remotely confusing.

No where in that quote says anything about how the user base is much larger and supporting on Xbox platforms rather MS has showed support and interest in the reboot since it started. Simple as that there is no inbetween the lines or stuff that does not make sense.

fei-hung1111d ago

Agreed, but SE also needs to stop waffling and pissing about. The constant pr or crappy excuses isn't doing them any favors. Just say they financially supported the TR sequel. Making it sound like MS was a cheerleader shouting on support and sending motivational cards sounds just as pathetic if not more than most the comments on forums.

Wh15ky1111d ago

It's just PR bullcrap, learn to read between the lines buddy.

Wh15ky1111d ago

"Simple as that there is no inbetween the lines"

Ahhh, ignorance is bliss... There's always something between the lines.

RIP_Weazel1111d ago

...rather than bandy around insults and derogatory terms, perhaps try contributing to the conversation by suggesting what this 'partnership' consisted of. It's so easy to be cynical when all we've got to go on is the twisty PR speak of company execs trying to pour oil on the water!

ScorpiusX1111d ago

If I could I would give you 2.4 million bubbles. Here the one bubble allowed .

WelkinCole1111d ago

Which makes things look worse for them.

It makes it seems like they were offended that Sony didn't grovel at their mighty feet but only MS kissed theirs and such allowed emotions, egos to win over common sense.

Common sense is you don't delay a game that already didn't sell to exceptions in previous iteration for a year on the platform that got you the most sales.

So because Sony didn't kiss their ass they instead shafted their loyal fanbase on the PS because of it to get back to Sony?. How fu*king childish.

I rather them be a man and just say they were paid millions to delay it on the PS. That's all instead of this bullcrap that is really insulting to peoples intelligence.

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Kiwi661111d ago

So it sounds like maybe sony didn't give them the support that ms did for the reboot thats why they went with ms first and not because of sales numbers

TKCMuzzer1111d ago

Come on people, it's all PR. At the end of the day it's a business, sales do matter and the only way they would not is if someone had dumped some cash in front of them.
This is all damage control.

gapecanpie1111d ago

I think what he mean to say is....

MS believe in us and gave us money...(Lots of money)

WitWolfy1111d ago

Not enough to make it a life time exclusive title.

Mr_Writer851111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

Lets face it, the biggest reason MS threw money at SE was because they needed a title to rival Uncharted.

SE are not stupid enough to make it an exclusive, but smart enough to take the money for a timed.

That way (at the time before UC4 change of date) they wouldn't be going head to head on PS4 against UC4.

They do however get the same sales they would on X1 (maybe more with UC4 being pushed back), a truck load of money, and then next year launch on PS4 and maybe catch all those gamers who would of picked UC4 over TR, but with UC4 already out months before will most likely buy TR as well.

At the end of the day no one loses out, and MS where close to pulling off a very clever move, but since UC4's moved date, it does seem a little waste of money.

SE don't really lose out as they will have banked the MS money, it might not match the number they would of made in sales on PS4, but they could still get that next year, AND have the MS money, and MS sales money.

AsheXII1111d ago

You're trying too hard, support (financially or otherwise) have nothing to do with sales on that platform.

Jayszen1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

Igivehugstonakedwomen - Of course the explanation does not make sense. How can it when more Playstation players supported the reboot as well as the 'Tomb Raider' franchise right from the days of PS1? It is as though Sony and PS4 gamers said "We do not like this new vision, even if more of us bought the game than Xbox gamers". What a load of crock! Rogers says that Microsoft have been close friends of Tomb Raider since the reboot but conveniently forgets how Sony and Playstation gamers have supported 'Tomb Raider' since the 90's - some loyalty. What he should have said was "Microsoft became interested in the reboot as it does not have an IP that can challenge 'Uncharted' and they do not want to create and develop their own IP but rather are willing to pay us a tanker full of cash to withold it from the best selling console this generation, and the moneygrabbers we are, we agreed."

Maybe SE offocials should shut up because with each further comment they make to justify the timed exclusivity, they are appear as stupid as their justifications.

In fact when time comes SE wants to release the game on the PS4, I hope Mr. Yoshida says to Mr. Rogers. "Thank you for releasing the game at last on the PS4. As regards your request for marketing support, we have to decline as we have decided to fully commit our budget to those third party games and devs who have shown us passion for our console."

Aceman181111d ago

Even if MS helped the game in some way I still ended up playing it on my PS3 just like I'll be playing this one on my PS4 next year. I can wait to play it, I'll have a lot of games to play this fall/winter.

Seafort1111d ago

PC - ~3.25 Million

Source Steamspy -

And PC gamers are supposedly all pirates :P

starchild1110d ago

Yep, it apparently sold better on PC than any other platform. Yet some guy the other day was trying to say it sold horribly on PC.

nosferatuzodd1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

im not being bias but if you got some money from Microsoft to make a timed exclusive game don't come running trying to do damage control , be a man and say guys the money was good and move on forget about it why every day you're on the internet still oh its because of this oh its because of that seriously, i hope this game bombed on xbox and when they release it on ps4 it bombed has well no one should buy this crap of a games

medman1111d ago

I won't be buying Lara's adventure this time around. Square spit in my face....screw em'. I liked the reboot very much, but waiting a year for this version? No thanks, I'll have moved on to other games by then. The only way I would even consider buying it in 2016 is if it was a definitive edition and was priced at 29.99. But there is no way I will pay full price for a year old game. Sorry Square. You blew it big time with many fans of the reboot.

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PhoenixUp1111d ago

The original reboot sold better on PlayStation platforms. If anything the sequel should've logically been a timed exclusive on PS3 and PS4 for that reason alone. Microsoft however clearly jumped at the chance because they were worried about Uncharted 4 being a huge force against them in holiday 2015, and they didn't think Halo 5 alone was enough to give X1 a fighting chance against PS4.

littlezizu1111d ago

Square Enix America made stupid decision that they are trying to justify. Thank God Square Enix japan made up for it giving PS4 owners DQ heroes 1, 2, DQ11, DQ builder, Nier 2 and Megaton FF7.

WellyUK1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

Didn't they say a while back that they may not even do another Tomb Raider as it didn't really make a profit, all MS really did was supply what was needed to get the next game off the ground.

You never know MS may of saved Tomb Raider from being put on the shelf and forgotten about.

Doesn't really matter any way as everyone gets it eventually so there is nothing really to moan about and without MS you may never of seen TR again.

Haru1111d ago

True The Uncharted serie gained a lot of ground in the last few years, while Uncharted was gaining new grounds and new fans Halo has been losing more and more ground, Now Uncharted It's a pretty big francise even bigger than Halo

Tedakin1111d ago

It's been a year. How long are we gonna go on with the Tomb Raider Xbox timed exclusivity thing? It's coming to PS4 Dec 2016. Got it. Nothing is changing it. Move on.

Tedakin1111d ago

People disagree. They think if they whine hard enough it WILL change it. ;)

RiPPn1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

Completely agree, it is what it is, and I'll gladly wait for the PS4 (likely definitive) version. Besides, I'll be too busy wandering the Boston wasteland to even care about raiding tombs.

Aceman181111d ago

I know I can wait to play it next year.

Nightmar3Demom1111d ago


You'll never get change by keeping quiet.

Showing developers, studios, and console makers that you do not agree with a certain practice is the only way they will change.

DO NOT be someone that just accepts things and move on.

WelkinCole1111d ago

This article was published recently. People comment on it. What is your point?.

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1111d ago Replies(4)
Xbonewone320151111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

MS support the devs.

That's why we got the amazing dragon age completely for free yesterday in the vault via ea access.


MasterCornholio1111d ago

That has more to do with Microsoft supporting the publisher then Microsoft supporting the developers.

THC CELL1111d ago

Lol dragon age please it's good but we got rocket league for free and it's chart topping awesome game.

WellyUK1111d ago

DA won multiple GOTY awards... Rocket league doesn't even compare.

ScorpiusX1111d ago

Great game and awesome service .

Nightmar3Demom1111d ago

Don't you have to pay a monthly fee for EA Access?

DJustinUNCHAIND1111d ago


You have the option of paying it yearly.

WellyUK1111d ago

you have to pay for EA access... Therefore it's not free.

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