Cave Story not seeing a WiiWare release

Rumors began to circulate this morning about Cave Story releasing on WiiWare when a news post over at Amigaworld indicated an upcoming announcement. However, the post has been since taken down and the original author explained that the situation was nothing more than a mix up on his part. This doesn't mean that Cave Story will never come out for WiiWare, but for now, there seems to be no plans for the game on WiiWare.

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riqued3708d ago

It should go to WiiWare, its a really good game. Played the homebrew version for the psp, I wish I had more games like that for my psp...

kesvalk3708d ago

one of the best game i ever played, best mix of metal slug and metroid i ever saw in my life...

tops a lot of next-gen games...