Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition Also Coming To America

Nintendo of America has confirmed that the special edition for Xenoblade Chronicles X is indeed headed to North America.

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PhoenixUp928d ago

Bundle the original Xenoblade in this special edition Nintendo. The franchise needs more exposure.

wonderfulmonkeyman927d ago

IIRC, there's a deal in EU where you get a discount on X if you purchase the original on the Eshop, so there's that.
It's not the same, but still a nice idea.

iplay1up2928d ago

The only proble with the physical copy is load times. It will be better to download it, for a better experience.

franwex927d ago

I heard that it is a better experience to go digital with this game. I think it's the only example that I can think of recently where there is a difference between physical and digital performance wise (I think it was the opposite like 5 years ago where loading was faster from disc).

I was torn to get physical or digital for this game; but now that there is a limited edition I think I'll go with physical.

DarkBlood927d ago

Except that there are download files to offload the loading on the disc completely optional of course but you get the idea.

Segata927d ago

The game itself has no load times. Just a huge install at first.

iplay1up2927d ago

I am adding a comment to my comment. Just to say if you are a collector it would be cool to have unsealed, and download the Digital copy.

Darkfist927d ago

i completely forgot about this game, guess i wont be getting it at launch

deafdani927d ago

Super ultra hiper mega awesome cool story bro.

Tell me more pls.

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