Scalebound's creative producer addresses combat concerns

Jean Pierre Kellams, Scalebound's creative producer, addresses concerns regarding the combat system in the Xbox One exclusive RPG.

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StrayaKNT1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

This is one of my most anticipated 2016 titles, I thought the combat looked brilliant. 4 player multiplayer reveal in the end made me actually believe that this could be the best game of all time if done right.

Bathyj1146d ago

Geeze, dont over sell it at all.

Game looked kind of dull to me gameplay wise, I was hoping for more Dragon based aerial combat. Laying a blanket of fire strafing run type stuff. But I realise we saw very little of it so I'm not rushing to judgement on that.

Its worth mentioning but that that everyone keeps harping on about 4 player co-op but if its not fun by yourself its not automatically gonna be fun because you have 3 friends with you. Lets hope they get the core experience right.

Main character however is annoying as sh*t, instantly soured me on the whole thing. Its gonna be hard to enjoy an RPG with such an irritating protagonist. I hope hes not as bad as he seems.

Graphically the game looked very nice, I have no complaints there. Just a bit too early I think to call it the best game of all time.

Bigpappy1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

Agree with every bit of what you said. But there is still time left to blow me away. The only dragon game that didn't feel forced, to me, was Skyrim.

Hopefully this developer can get the player more immersed in the combat and not just command the dragon. I was hoping the dragon would be summons when he was in trouble, not follow him around like a pet.

StrayaKNT1146d ago

Funny the exact same complaints you have about this game are the ones i have about horizon.
The character looks like a man she is ugly and is very annoying to look at and the gameplay was EXTREMELY dull where she done nothing but hit a robot with her bow, that seriously bored me out.. You know the difference between me and you though? i stay out of horizon article because it just doesnt interest me.

The gameplay mechanics in scalebound look unmatched. You will be able to fly your dragon after building a relationship with him. The way you chain your kills is awsome and the way you slice and dice through enemy dragons while having your own dragon attack him is absolute brilliance. I can just imagine me and three friends with all our dragons flying around looking for massive monsters to kill and yes, i stand by what i said. It could actually be one of the best games of all time.

OhMyGandhi1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

I think that this is a fundamental issue with games that have lay a heavy emphasis on multiplayer, of any kind: If the core gameplay loop cannot be enjoyed by yourself, and one can only truly experience what the game has to offer by having "fun with others" then the game right off the bat eliminates a huge section of their potential audience.

The combat looked stiff to me, but as we've only discussed, it's way too early to make a judgement call.

My biggest concern is the overuse of motion blur, it's downright nauseating at times.

Another thing is that a issue of size vs. physics. The gameplay demonstration showed the dude and his dragon going up against a similarly large beast, and it moving insanely fast, jutting to the side like a friggin ninja, and then we see our dragon, sauntering over to fight him, and our dragon is *smaller*. Also, slowing down the dragon's walking animation doesn't magically make the dragon bigger, in relation to his size, it just looks like his own running/galloping animation, but in slow motion, where his legs are off the ground for an incredible amount of time with little to concern as to how this may impact things like inertia/momentum, and the force of gravity.

These are very small problems that could be fixed rather quickly, and other then that it looked pretty good.

maniacmayhem1146d ago

4 Players running around an open world each with a huge dragon following them is worth the price of admission for any game.

This is Platinum too, you know this will only be the tip of the crazy ice burg when it comes to combat and gameplay.

MWH1146d ago

finally someone with brain still switched on.

I saw the trailer and thought the game looks and plays average at best, I didn't see anything overly special in comparison to today's genre standards.

I agree about the protagonist being annoying as f**k! I think this is how the devs perceive this generation; annoying as f**k!

but to be fair to the talents who made Bayonetta, we'll wait and see the end result.

until then, see you later "big guy" :P

ONESHOTV21146d ago

dude both borderlands were not that great to play by your self but very fun with 4 people.

Volkama1145d ago

I don't know enough about the game to say whether I'll like it or not, the demo was a mixed bag. What peaked my interest most it that it kinda reminded my of Phantasy Star Online. Something about the aesthetic, it's not the same setting as PSO yet something resonates. When it mentioned 4 player co-op it obviously sunk deeper into that territory.

PSO is a fair example of a game that wasn't great played alone, but really was elevated by it's co-op. I'll keep an eye on Scalebound, for sure.

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_-EDMIX-_1146d ago just no. The game looks great, best of all time? lolz followed by more uncontrolled lolz.

I love his titles and actually own most of his titles, I would not say much of his titles are best of all time.

They are great games don't get me wrong, best of all time? Bud I'm happy if one of his games gets past 1 million.

RE2 is still his greatest directorial work and my opinion Okami.

I feel the game will be amazing, but....lets chill on the "best game of all time" lol. Thats a bit of an exaggeration.

_-EDMIX-_1146d ago

@Stray- leave Horizon out of this, this has to do with Scalebound.

"Funny the exact same complaints you have about this game are the ones i have about horizon."

Mind you, Scalebound looks amazing, but its very much in vain of DMC fame with its gameplay, I've personally seen nothing like Horizon in terms of a character tying down an enemy to beat em in a real time mechanic as suppose to some QTE sequence or boss sequence.

Scalebound will be a great game, it won't be this revolutionary ground breaking concept.

Bayonetta very much wasn't some new concept, it took from DMC a lot in a good way, just like Scalebound taking from both in a good way.

Lets not get carried away making stuff up and exaggerating them.

I love his games for what they are, I except them for what they are, I don't try to make them out to be world changing and best of all time material or anything lol

Scalebound will be an amazing title like his rest, he has a flawless track record, even is worst is better them many's best.

Aloy-Boyfriend1146d ago

I thought the combat was a bit sluggish, but that was pre alpha gameplay right? They can improve it.

1145d ago
StrayaKNT1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

(reply to that guy ^^)

There's still about a year and half until release. Plenty of time to polish the game.

I'm happy it's different from their previous games, looks so unique.

Outside_ofthe_Box1146d ago

Combat looked good to me.

It was pre-alpha footage so even if you had concerns, it's not a big deal as it will definitely be improved come release.

Lenrulesdaworld1146d ago

Wow the combat system sounds amazing

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