No One Knows How Much Content Hitman Will Have At Launch, Not Even IO Head

IO Interactive’s much anticipated Hitman installment has had a lot of talks about it being an almost-episodic game with the continuous delivery of free content for several months after the game’s launch. Although it seems no one knows how much original content Hitman will have when it launches, not even IO Interactive head Hannes Seifer.

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Player1241144d ago

This is a really bad situation for IO Interactive to even admit they don't know how much content the game will contain.

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Adexus1144d ago

And this is precisely the reason I'll be skipping it.

Player1241144d ago

I don't know why in the seven hells did IO Interactive take this approach with Hitman. THIS RIGHT HERE COULD HAVE BEEN A BILLION UNITS SELLER but IO decided to shoot themselves in the leg. Actually they kinda committed suicide.

Mostafeto1144d ago

I totally agree with you buddy. If should have done a better job with this game.

isa_scout1144d ago

For some reason I read your "BILLION UNITS" in Dr. Evils voice. Maybe it's because it's such an exaggeration. IO assassinated Hitman years ago. I honestly think IO has no idea how to make it relevant again.... What's worse though is if they'd have listened to the fanbase when Hitman Absolution launched they'd have known. At this point I'd just be happy with a Hitman Blood Money Remaster.

LackTrue4K1144d ago

just sounds to me

"DLC avalanche"

-Foxtrot1144d ago

Probably trying to see how much they can get away with charging us overall for all episodes while providing the least amount of content which will be cheaper for them.

Less content for us, less money they spend, more money they rake in

That's what this little episode experiment is with a AAA game.

The episode structure will give us the illusion of choice we are getting the same or more but I doubt we won't be. They would have just gone with a normal release like every other AAA game if they didn't have something planned.

Mostafeto1144d ago

I think this is one of the few times me and you -foxtrot agree haha. They will definitely spend less money in development of those "additional content" which I will bet my balls for, yes I am that sure, will be ONE NEW MISSION IN EACH NEW ADDITIONAL CONTENT. They are saying they will be free but that's now, what will you do if they suddenly decide to make them paid ? If even their Head doesn't know how much content they have planned for the game's release, How do they expect it to sell ? IO has just killed Hitman with one of the most well-put together assassinations of all time.

RealFry1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

Isn't this a similar tactic to what Destiny does? Also a reason I didn't like it. Sucks since this is one of my favorite sleeper hits during a usually crowded gaming season, but gives me more money for the inevitable Uncharted collectors edition or batman GOTY, Booyah!

Player1241144d ago

Money well saved bro I plan on buying that big Destiny bundle soon with all the DLC since I still didn't try it out.

_-EDMIX-_1144d ago

@Fox- "structure will give us the illusion of choice we are getting the same or more"

If you know how long a traditional Hitman game is, then you'll know if your getting the same or more.

Mind you, some of the content is live events...that has nothing to do with "less content" as that is something that has to be planned.

They also want to see how gamers react to levels, they can't do that with all the levels released all at once as that is the same trial and error most developers do anyway.

Why wait for the next Hitman to see the fixes for this title when we can see those fixes as soon as next year?

As a fan of the series, I'm ok with this and I'm getting this game day 1, you'll know if its not what they are stating it is by my reaction in December.

I have no ode to defend a company making "half" a game if I"m paying full price.

Have many not factored you could just be getting a game and a half and not half a game? lol


quaneylfc1144d ago

Blood Money had 13 levels.

That's what we should pit it against.

I love how that comment that can clearly be seen as either good or bad is only seen as bad.

_-EDMIX-_1144d ago

@Quaneylfc- agreed.

Blood Money took me the longest at like 25 or so hours to beat, that is what I'll likely put this Hitman against.

Or just do it by level by level, I know some who beat Blood Money much faster then I.

I would do Hitman Absolution, but I felt it was much shorter then Blood Money by just a bit. I'll be fine with it if it hits that 20 hour mark.

lastking951144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

That's why I'm not buying it. They shot themselves in the foot. Hitmans dead to me, smh so disappointed. TR looked like it had hitman elements, that'll satisfy me at least.

_-EDMIX-_1144d ago

....where does the quote even say that?

"“We will [announce what content is available day one] very soon after Gamescom,” Seifert told GamingBolt. “This is a huge opportunity for us to listen to the world and to align with everybody. Based on that we will communicate our roll-out plan. We also need to complete it because I don’t want to promise a roll-out plan we can’t keep. We need to be very sure about this is the quality we can achieve and this is the point in time we can deliver it. When we promise that we will be good with that. That’s why it takes a little bit [of time] to make this plan solid. But I fully agree, before someone makes the commitment to buy the game they need to know what they’re getting. And that’s what we have to communicate in a very crystal clear way.”

Hitman games are about 20 hours long, many times shorter. If the game is 20 hours long, they are MORE then fine, consider free content will roll out for the next year or so free of charge.

Could they not have made a 20 hour game and DLC for the whole year paid?

Why is it that gamers see a glass half empty as suppose to half way full even when the developer is saying free content after launch? lol

rocky0475861144d ago

Yeah, you say something perfectly reasonable and someone gives you a disagree! Of course! Disagree with the reasonable post! Haha. And then you have that other clown talking about things he has no idea about. Shame on these people.

_-EDMIX-_1144d ago

Agreed. Mind you, I get that some are mad that extras are coming, but at least know what is coming day 1 before bashing about held back content, or half a game etc.

How can one state that if they are unaware of what the final game even is?

My biggest problem isn't even that, its the article stating they don't know when the quote doesn't even support that claim.

Its a personal opinion with no real base, could I not state that any publisher doesn't know what will be in the final game because they didn't out right tell me the whole game scene by scene?

I'll have my say with what IO and Square are doing this fall as I'm a long time fan of the series and will be pre-ordering Hitman as soon as its available.

If anyone will really voice concerns based on how much is in the final game, it will be me.

I'm getting it, I've played the last couple Hitman games and know how long they are.

If its beyond 20 hours at launch ie before any extra content, then I very much would be ok with that. If its'll be hearing from me lol.

As a gamer,I would be mad to pay full price for a game that felt lessor in terms of how long compared to previous entries.

We'll see this fall.

rocky0475861144d ago

I feel the exact same EDMIX. I already pre-ordered it on PS4 digitally. And you're so right about how, if they don't tell us about ANY game scene for scene, then they may not know what's going into their games either.

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