RPGamer: Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Preview

Life is hard for Mao. In addition to being the most extreme honor student at the Maritsu Evil Academy, he's the son of the Overlord. Then again, maybe it isn't too bad: the Netherworld public education system is a great deal like Bizarro World. Mao earns his honor student credentials by skipping class to watch anime and play video games.

Raspberyl, his archrival, is a delinquent among demons: she hands in her homework on time, values community service, and opposes Mao at every turn. Other characters important to the plot are a martial arts demon-chef, an incompetent hero fanboy, and hordes of prinnies -- the exploding zombie penguins who serve as the Disgaea series' moogles.

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Playstation Man3704d ago

Revamped Madden series or wait for Disgaea 3 to get my RPG fix it's tough being a gamer these days...

SmokingMonkey3704d ago

u wanted em (jrpg's) u got em.

i just want LBP, i'm going to be playing that for YEARS.

what an expensive hobby. worth every gaming minute though.

[email protected]3704d ago

Madden can wait a little... I'm ALL for Disgaea 3 that's 4 sure.

SolidSnake933704d ago

The RPGS are going to come rolling in now.
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