RPGamer: Operation Darkness Review

Operation Darkness is a sad story, as it has so much going for it that it completely fails to make use of. It starts wonderfully, but becomes an atrocity. For those willing to brave it, the game is extremely lengthy, easily breaking eighty hours, but smart players will quit after thirty. When the game sticks to its guns, so to speak, it works surprisingly well, but unfortunately, those times become less and less frequent as the game progresses, scattered between periods of terrible design and a complete lack of fun.

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Playstation Man3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )


I'm so dissapointed the PS3 can't have an RPG line-up like the XBOX360...geez...

That said, too many RPGs are cutting corners in the next-gen while dedicated RPG development only seems to be happening on handhelds for quick cash. Quite frustrating...