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Katie Joell from Gamerscore Whores writes "Turn 10 studios are back for another Forza title and they have quite the job on their hands to impress fans of Forza Horizon 2 to make the jump into a more simulated experience. Harnessing the Xbox One hardware fully this time around will we see a more deeper experience than Forza 5? You’d expect so, so why not get all of the juicy details and our hands on reaction to gameplay, right here at our Forza 6 Hands on impressions at Gamescom 2015."

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Bigpappy933d ago

"Best looking car game seen in many years". The new stick allows you to sett how responsive or deep you want to set the triggers for brakes and acceleration.

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ScorpiusX933d ago

Sweet can't wait to play

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snoopgg932d ago

Turn 10 really have stepped up their racing game. If I had a xboxone I would pick it up.

kraenk12932d ago

If only they could finally make the graphics look more realistic, I don't feel that artificial plasticy look all Forza games have.