Next Week's surprise Dragon Age: Inquisition expansion won't be the last story DLC, BioWare Speaks

Showing their continued commitment to the series,BioWare has confirmed that even more story-driven DLC packs are already being planned for Dragon Age: Inquisition even after next week's launch of The Descent expansion.

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Chaosdreams1079d ago

$15 eh. I wonder how many hours of content that is offering? Considering the base game cost and such.

EDKICK1079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )

Jaws Of Hakkon was fairly lengthy, more so considering the length and content of most DLC. I would have liked more story however. I think it's really smart how they're doing the DLC though, not doing some $50 season pass day 1, just dropping some DLC every once and a while.

Chaosdreams1079d ago

I haven't played Jaws yet. I was addicted to the base game but had to put it down (not much time to game.) So when I plan to get back into it, I'll prob purchase these expansions if they are worth it. i'm not worried about the quality, just the length (story being a factor as well.)

EDKICK1079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )

It was essentially just another area, it was one of the bigger and more interesting areas though. The main mission storyline was solid just didn't really tie in to the main storyline which disappointed me a bit,so it was just like the other main missions in each of the areas but longer. I was pretty OCD with Inquisition so I spent almost 15hours in Jaws of Hakkon and something like 120hours in the base game. So it may be shorter for you depending on how you play.

SolidGear31079d ago

I just started Inquisition so I might get this before I fully complete it.

Maxor1079d ago

So is this going to be a PC and Xbox One timed exclusive like Jaws?