5 Fantastic Videogame Developments to get Excited About

We live in exciting times. There's a lot of interesting stuff and new ideas just arrived on the videogame market, and some more things just starting to appear on the horizon. Here are some things that I, (And I think many others) are looking forwards to in the immediate, or very near future.

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hay3707d ago

What's Halo doing there among Johnny, DMM and Euphoria?

Xi3707d ago

i'd think that'd be a development to get excited about, same with halo 4, since halo 1-3 were all great games.

mfwahwah3706d ago

Yea, console RTS isn't really a "fantastic... development to get excited about." Should have put Endwar up if anything, it uses voice recognition very well, which few if any games even use (not counting singing, since it doesn't command troops).

Xi3707d ago

no donnybrook on there, i thought that would be pretty important.

Infernus3707d ago

Wasn't Christian Bale suggested for the role of Snake in the MGS movie Sony were planning?

I'd have thought MGS could actually work as a brilliant game to movie conversion, it's actually structured like a movie by Hideo Kojima anyway and I'm not talking about the long cutscenes. The Tanker section of MGS2 was so movie-like that I thought there and then they should make a live action movie of MGS, it's been passed around but if they get a good enough script together I think it could turn into a huge success.

I doubt Gears at the cinema would grab much press attention, kinda like what happened with Hitman. God of War could follow suit. MGS (If they managed to get Christian Bale as Snake) could surprise a lot of gamers as a success. I think it'd have the action/suspense a movie needs to get you involved along with the complexity and depth any movie needs to make it feel real.

Btw I do realise Bale is doing the next Terminater movie for release next year, so casting him in MGS may seem like overkill to many lol

JasonX433707d ago

That Johnny guy should walk into Nintendo and present his whole head tracking thing during an interview for a job! They'd be nuts not to hire him!