New Matte PS4's Officially hit North America. Out in the Wild

Poli Games uncovers the new matte Ps4 out in the wild. Poli games also discusses the reasons why the Playstation 4 is receiving this system revision and impressions of the system revision.

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FallenAngel1984839d ago

I'll be surprised if this cheaper to produce PS4 doesn't garner a price cut by the holiday season

SuperStatePro838d ago

Wait, what? You think the difference between shiny and matte plastic is $50?

Shazz838d ago

Nice, love my white one but not gonna lie wish I had either batman or that red mgs one lol

kingPoS838d ago

My only regret is that there's no silver controllers sold that match that match mine. Guess I'll have to settle for the 20th anniversary edition instead, not that's a bad thing. lol

Gateway MT6706 2008

Shazz838d ago

Get a red pad they are sweet :)

838d ago
Captain_Wormy838d ago

I would've gotten this one but I couldn't wait any longer and got the original one a few weeks back.

Off topic: Hey N4G you think you can fix your site? For two days I've had that God awful Indie Game Month ad plastered all over the entire site. Can't even see the wtf?

Bathyj838d ago

I thought it was just me. I'm using Dolphin on a Note 4 and the top 6 articles are blocked by the stretched out banner. I have to wait for more articles to come so they drop down the page.

N8838d ago

US still not getting the MGS one. That's the only way I will buy another one .

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