Should Uncharted Follow Suit with Microsoft’s Gears Bundle?

TTZ: Sony should follow Microsoft's example by giving the Nathan Drake Collection free to buyers of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.

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warrior821078d ago

yep, i do think a preorder bonus is a good will be a great loyalty bonus to have all the games at once to relive the entire previous games and the new one in chronological order.

Christopher1078d ago

Not possible.

1. They're PS3 games normally and can't be played on PS4 or easily ported the way 360 games can to XBO.

2. They're not going to invest a few million in making the remasters on disc only to then just give them away with a single game six months later. Talk about a slap in the face of the people who paid for the games.

So, the answer is, no. If they could be ported in a similar manner to what MS is doing with 360 games, sure, not a problem. But that's not what is happening here. Sony is just going to have to settle with not having BC and offer up something else in return or lose face with the fact that XBO gamers will be getting more.

XboxOneX1078d ago (Edited 1078d ago )

The remastered should be given away.

morganfell1078d ago (Edited 1078d ago )

You need to go back and read Christopher's statement. He is talking about the original games being PS3 games. No where did he say they were not being ported.

He is saying they can't be played WITHOUT being ported and porting costs a great deal of money. You missed that, didn't you. This would have been understood were you not looking to make a quick stab.

EDIT: Oh nice stealth editing...

In addition, this is three fully upgraded games in the Uncharted bundle, not just one game that is also going to be on PC.

_-EDMIX-_1078d ago

Agreed. Its a giveaway that can't really be matched. They can bundle the console with the collection, they could even give a discount to Uncharted 4 with it, but free? Just unlikely.

Like you said, consider its a remaster and not just a port, also its not just the BC versions, they spent money on it that I'm pretty sure they wish to make back.

100% agreed.

Many don't get the business side of gaming, good to see some do.

Sony can't just do what MS is doing with BC and free games in terms of pre-order give aways. I mean they can, but it makes no sense currently.

jb2271078d ago

How are XBO gamers getting more? What this article fails to realize is that MS never said they would be giving away the new Gears remaster for those who preorder Gears 4, nor are they giving away the Halo MCC to those who buy Halo 5...those are relatable scenarios to Sony giving away a brand new collection of remasters to people who preorder UC4, nothing like MS giving gamers access to old games untouched in their original form. It's a nice gesture but it's not putting them out of pocket much considering those games are not going to be moving copies anymore, and the copies they do move will be purchased at like 10 bucks a pop, totally different than asking to hand over brand new remastered versions of those older games. Totally flawed logic at play here.

donthate1078d ago

I think like the author is saying, giving away the PORTED Uncharted collection to people that previously played Uncharted on PS3 is not really a reasonable request.

However, giving a discount to people that owns the game like Dishonored port did is!

So if you own let say Uncharted 2 for PS3, you get the ported Uncharted Trilogy for half price.

OB1Biker1078d ago

Is nt there a mistake though? I though the 360 gears games were given for free if you buy the remastered gears 'ultimate edition'.
So its like you buy Drakes fortune remastered and the other games are bundled with it.
Unless there s already an offer for Gears 4 I missed?

XisThatKid1075d ago

To answer the title, nope. Although would be nice but unnecessary

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CrowbaitBob1077d ago

So you want the entire collection included with the purchase of Uncharted 4, just like Microsoft is including the entire collection with the purchase of Gears 4?

Oh, wait a minute, Microsoft isn't offering anything with the purchase of Gears 4 aside from Gears 4. So yes, Naughty Dog should follow suit. You buy Uncharted 4, you get Uncharted 4.

crazychris41241078d ago (Edited 1078d ago )

As much as I would love to get the collection for free with UC4, when the collection is selling for $60 I doubt they will bundle it with UC4 for free. However I could see them adding it to the PS+ free games collection a month before UC4 drops or giving you a discount on the UC collection if you have pre ordered UC4.

DarXyde1078d ago

So about the guys in "the other camp" letting themselves into topics that don't concern them...

Son, don't perpetuate problems. If you have nothing constructive to say here, offer your input somewhere where it can be constructive.

-Foxtrot1078d ago (Edited 1078d ago )

The Gears of War deal is fantastic value and I think Microsoft played their cards right on that one. Very impressed overall

Can people understand why there was criticism for this bundle

The Gears of War Remaster is getting an online mode AND 3 other games

The least Uncharted could have had is either an online mode which is from Uncharted 2 or Golden Abyss.

Hey even if it was just a horde mode with co-op that would be something.

This should have been called the "NaughtyDog Collection" while a future one including multiplayer, Golden Abyss and maybe Uncharted 4 should have been called "The Nathan Drake Collection".

People need to understand that getting an beta is not the same as a full online mode.

Rimeskeem1078d ago

Unless this was being made by Naughty Dog i doubt they would make it the "Naughty Dog collection". It also wouldnt make sense because Naughty Dog made Crash, Jak, Uncharted and TLoU so it would give off the wrong impression if someone who was very uninformed saw it.

-Foxtrot1078d ago

But they are still NaughtyDog games meaning you could explain while Golden Abyss wasn't included

Rimeskeem1078d ago

it would give off the wrong message unfortunately to some. Thats what i think

jb2271078d ago

Those 3 other games are presented as is in their old forms, look at it this way for equivalent value if you need to, Sony is selling you a remastered version of Uc1 & giving you remastered versions of 2 & 3 for free. MS is selling you Gears and giving you old last gen installments for free. Don't understand how people aren't seeing this....MS had to include Gears mp because that's what the vast majority of the audience cares about, UC is & has always been an sp focused series, come off all the hate for this's not for you, we get it...doesn't mean it isn't exactly what many others are asking for, stop trying to pass your opinions off as fact.

ilikepizza1078d ago

actually microsoft didnt have to give you anything. They could of just counted on halo 5 to be there shooter for the year. Instead they actually remastered gears 1 (not a cheap port) and then took a step farther with the multiplayer and gave it gears of war 3 lay out which plays much faster and smoother than gears 1. On top of that it's only $39??? then come to find out you get 3 other gears of war games with it?!

No one is exactly hating on the collection but coming off a weak ass god of war "remaster" for $40 people are finding it harder to justify buying a uncharted collection that is missing a game,features and modes for $60. it's a shame psnow is a failure because sony could of did like microsoft and just offer you last gen games to play for free via psnow but sony wouldnt dare do that because they dont have too,people will worship sony no matter how much they rip them off,reminds me of apple.

ninsigma1078d ago

Except the three extra games is just access to the original versions playable on xb1 through bc. Giving the uc collection away for free if you buy uc 4 is completely different and would no sense what so ever.

Rimeskeem1078d ago Show
smashman981078d ago

MS is remastering one game and giving people the original trilogy + judgement for free and sony is remastering the trilogy and giving beta access. Microsoft is not giving a remastered trilogy with 4 at least not that we know of yet so why would sony give anything with 4?

gangsta_red1078d ago

MS is giving people the original Gears remastered including remastered and updated MP, then offering the whole series through BC which also includes all MP modes. That is thousands of hours of replay that will more than likely never end.

Sony is giving you the Uncharted collection with none of its MP features with beta access to 4 that will end when ND gets the data they need and go gold with the game.

Why wouldn't Sony give more with 4?

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rdgneoz31078d ago

@bleedsoe9mm So you have a WiiU then correct? Since it's had BC since day 1.

KiwiViper851078d ago


When WiiU makes a remastered Zelda: Ocarina of time, and also bundles every other Zelda game, give me a call.

Until then these situations cannot be compared.

sactownlawyer9161078d ago (Edited 1078d ago )

In my opinion and based on naughty dogs track record, PlayStation gamers dont need incentives to buy uncharted 5.

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Youngindy211078d ago

But the Gears of War Remaster is an actual REMASTER with redone cutscenes, updated graphics, new multiplayer mode, etc. The Nathan Drake Collection is just a PORT without the multiplayer. Needless to say, Sony should just give it away with Uncharted 4.

Aenea1078d ago

And how do you define remaster and port then hmm?

As a programmer for me a port is 'just recompiling' (in quotes since it's not that simple) the code and using all the same graphics assets and not changing one bit about the game, probably not even a resolution change.

A remaster is when they actually go over the code, improve on it, up the resolution, go over all the graphic assets and change them to higher resolution versions and make the game anew.

The Nathan Drake Collection is a Remaster...

seppo911078d ago

how can people actually expect a company to just give away 3 enhanced remastered games for free if you buy another game? what is this? Disneyland?
Where is all this BS coming from?

And ney, the drake collection is a remaster, not a port. its got a lot going for it besides 1080p and 60fps.

StrangerX1078d ago

To make it more accurate. MS is remaking and redesigning a whole game into a remaster, the way I think it should be and giving away by BC all the 360 version and whatever respective dlc you've acquired. Sony is just updating the res and frame rate that they had kept away in the stored PC that was used to create the game and just encode it to work on the PS4 minus the multiplayer maps.

johndoe112111078d ago

It's funny, you said "to make it more accurate" and then proceeded to spout a heaping pile of BS, false statements and give out completely inaccurate information. That's irony at it's best.

NeoGamer2321077d ago

From videos of the collection I wouldn't call it a re-master. I would call it an upscaling to 1080p and an increased framerate.

A re-master would require them to go and improve all the character/villain models and environments.

Sony isn't even calling it a re-master. They are calling it a collection. Essentially making gamers pay for BC. Everyone talked about evil money hungry Microsoft, but Sony gamers are completely letting Sony off the hook for BC. So badly that they are paying for a BC experience in GoW III and Uncharted Collection.

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