The A-Team: Gears of War Style

Ripten writes:

"The 1980's gave birth to Murdock, B. A. Baracus, Hannibal, and Faceman - better known as The A-Team. An elite special forces unit, shunned by the military they served, for a "crime they didn't commit". Sound familiar Marcus fans?

Well, some creative minds took the original audio from the A-Team intro, and mixed in various Gears of War footage. The result is something worth checking out. In fact, I "pity the fool" who refuses to watch this video!"

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Twizlex3492d ago

Pretty good edit, what with the pauses and the names popping up and such.

Nostradavis3492d ago

Agreed. I miss the A-Team. They should recast it (everyone but Mr.T) and bring it back.

Twizlex3492d ago

Um, aren't they making a movie? I thought I heard that rumor recently.

Nostradavis3492d ago

Yeah. I think they were making a movie. Activision owned the rights but then recently said the hell with it. Who needs A-Team and Ghostbusters when you have the amazing Ice Age brand!!!

Cutter203492d ago

What? Someone's making an A-Team videogame? Awesome!

Sandwich Bender3492d ago

With the current trend in remakes, I'm surprised they didn't make a movie a while ago.

Nostradavis3492d ago

Mr. T was probably busy with his reality TV Show...

Nostradavis3492d ago

not sure exactly, but I know he had his own reality show.

Nostradavis3492d ago

Technically though, I think this would be the "G-Team" no?

-EvoAnubis-3492d ago

How in the world did this get approved? It's been on YouTube for damn near a year and a half!

morganfell3492d ago

Exactly. This came out as the first one released.

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