Fable Legends - An all-new shared adventure in Albion

Fable Legends is the biggest, boldest Fable yet! Play for free and experience cross-device multiplayer adventures on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

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Bigpappy931d ago

This is pleasing to know.

maybelovehate930d ago

Everything looks good, but also kind of generic. I don't know, since it is truly free to play of course I am going to try it and the graphics look amazing but not a game I am really hyped for.

TeamLeaptrade930d ago

Looks really good. I didn't care too much for the last two games, but I will probably be picking this one up.

Rookie_Monster930d ago

Looks Awesome! Glad this is a FTP game as my XB1 game budget is maxed out already for this calendar year. Co Op and able to play as the boss should be mad fun.

Crazay930d ago

I tried to enjoy Fable Legends. It wasn't happening for me. I want a proper Fable game.