New Updates Released on Project Abraham

The site has just opened a new voting segment, Video, and sign-up option. There is also a new document about the last test subject.

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SeanScythe3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

There is a new signup next to the old one I wonder what it is for? That video is really sick talk about a bad death. The guy barfs up his guts.

skynidas3707d ago

Where's the other sign up option?

SeanScythe3707d ago

right above the video screen on the main page. I couldn't link to the main page so I had to link to a different page on the site.

TheHater3707d ago

When you sign up for, you get an email for travel tickets

TheExecutive3707d ago

hhmmmm... just signed up for the second one but havent gotten any plane tickets yet

Overr8ed3707d ago

0_o... WTF did i just see, maybe i shouldnt have not lied about my age... and i was eating food while seeing that too, Jesus.

poopsack3707d ago

lol I was eating spaghetti.

TooL 3163707d ago

WTF is this for, i'm a bit confused.

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The story is too old to be commented.