Crackdown 3 Is the First Proper Demonstration of Xbox One Cloud Computing

GameRevolution: "This week Microsoft revealed new details for Crackdown 3 after more than a year of silence. The big story is its multiplayer where virtually every structure in the game world can be dismantled thanks to a meticulously designed physics engine. These destructible environments are such a large highlight of the game that Crackdown 3's entire presentation at Gamescom was focused on it.

What you might not know is that Crackdown 3 utilizes the cloud computing that Microsoft has spent so much time hyping over the years. This is the same cloud computing that was a major component of its original Xbox One reveal, and has since become a bit of a laughing stock among gamers as it hasn't materialized into anything of great substance."

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maybelovehate841d ago

I guess this means Crackdown will require a network connection. Personally I think it is great, about time gaming moves to the future. But it could cause some massive whining haha.

Ghost_of_Tsushima841d ago

It requires online only for Multiplayer. The cloud computing isn't in the single player.

freshslicepizza841d ago

which is the perfect reason to be online only. some people think no games should be online only unless it's a mmo, this is a perfect example of why that is not always true.

this game will be absolutely amazing online.

4Sh0w841d ago (Edited 841d ago )

"Explosive pressure sends glass flying, and as a massive structure shatters into pieces it behaves naturally. You can then interact with the smaller pieces which all have their own properties. Each area of the game world uses different servers for processing, performing a form of load balancing."

"What we do know is that Crackdown 3's best physics are exclusive to its multiplayer experience where Microsoft knows you have an internet connection available to communicate with the cloud computing servers. In contrast, the single-player experience will feature a much more limited form of physics in an effort to avoid heavy framerate drops."

-That GameName guy isn't going to like this, I was just explaining in another thread why this is much more than what RF did in last gen games.

-I'm just glad somebody is exploring and expanding what online gaming can do beyond just playing with the same limits of the SP game.

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Snookies12841d ago

Hmm, it certainly looks incredible... I'm just a little worried I might not be able to get into it. I never played the first game, and didn't really care for the second one. Crackdown 3 seems to really pique my interest though. Definitely want to give it a shot when it comes out. I'm hoping this series will win me over with this entry!

miyamoto841d ago (Edited 841d ago )

" The truth is that the Xbox One's hardware alone is simply incapable of rendering the game world while performing the computations required to deliver the level of destruction showcased during yesterday's Crackdown 3 reveal"-GR

What is hilarious is that many Xbox fans here think that distructible environments shown here in Crackdown online MP is the all and be all of cloud computing, the future of XB1 gaming where in fact its old technology.

Cloud computing has other important uses for online games.

Like in how Naughty Dog was able to use the cloud to make SP and MP graphics have the same graphics quality for Uncharted 2 SP and MP ; how they were able to implement Havok Physics' destructivle buildings and cover on MP;
live MP game updates regarding match making, balancing, level objects adjustments, etc.
Look at how this was implemented on Uncharted 2 in 2009.

Using old technology to sell the XB1 is a double edged sword. Sure it looks cool and but it also open up XB1s weakness and too much reliance on the cloud for help.
If MS can sell Crackdown 3 on destructible environs like EA did Battlefield then that will be a good thing.

IrishSt0ner841d ago (Edited 841d ago )

What's hilarious is your complete lack of understanding of what's being done here. Using your logic, cloud compute was already done in the 60s as the United States DOD sent packets of data over a network.

Nobody else has built a working game that can compute 20x of the clients ability on multiple servers, transmit that over a network and render it in real-time on the client. You've never seen any game come close to this level of 'server' intergration, hell each single building area has to run off it's OWN SERVER due to the sheer processing power required.

Your ignorance is truly astounding, although the bias behind it is all too clear... latency is the only thing holding this tech back and guess who has a server farm on each continent?

If it makes you feel better, anyone can do this given they have the adquate resources.

ThinkThink841d ago

Miyamoto, you are embarrassing yourself. You have no idea what you're talking about. I love you but please stop.

miyamoto841d ago

@ IrishStoner & ThinkThink

I said in my comment "it's old technology".
You just proved my point.

"guess who has a server farm on each continent?"
So having deep pockets, like MS, makes their cloud computing legit?

Must we always talk about how MS dwarfs Sony in terms of money instead of how to do their homeworks with excellence?

The problem with MS is they so failed with the XB1 hardware they have to put up this huge proprietary "band aid" called the 'Microsoft Azure" Cloud Computing Platform & Services' to patch the shortcomings of the said console.

Now MS uses this cloud server as a selling point to divert consumer attention to how they botched the XB1 and now make it look like an all powerful console? Yeah, right.

TheGreatGamer841d ago

This really is pioneering cloud power in next gen games with a 100% destructible city. Unreal.

christocolus841d ago

Best tech i've seen this gen. I think they announced a multiplayer beta for this. Right?

raggy-rocket841d ago

Oh my god, I need this beta, when did they announce this

miyamoto841d ago

Pioneering cloud power????


TheGreatGamer841d ago

Name one other game utilising the cloud for 20x more computing power