New Battlefield 4 Night Map Revealed With Unique Gameplay And Destructible Lights

DICE have answered to what Battlefield 4 players have wanted for a while now which is a new multiplayer night map.

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Player1241078d ago

FINALLY THIS MAP LOOKS AWESOMEEEE!!!! I can't wait to try it out.

Mostafeto1078d ago

I honestly thought that they will add NVG alongside this map. That is really needed in Battlefield and especially in a map like this, it will fit perfectly.

swishersweets200311078d ago

I've been playing this on the CTE for a while now.

Mostafeto1078d ago

Lucky you haha Was it as good as it looks ?

swishersweets200311078d ago (Edited 1078d ago )

You want the truth, no they are not that great at all. I've tried the golman, shang, and zavods night maps. IMO when they first started doing the night time version of zavod i thought it was amazing, but they changed it to a big fog induced haze with no moon, just super dark clowdy and foggy. Everyone just rolls around with IRNV scopes and spots everything so hiding and being stealthy is just a illusion.

They are neat at first but it's exactly the same shit. Just pitch black with glowing doritos all over. It looses it's cool factor fast. The "community" map is still on the backburner and the remake of dragon valley is interesting at least.

Aggesan1078d ago

Sound like they have to be played on hardcore so there's no spotting.

Mostafeto1078d ago

It's a really cool looking map and the fact they added a second layout for it when you play Gun Master so its features are tweaked accordingly is just amazing. I think this the only time DICE delivered a map that is so well done

FITgamer1078d ago (Edited 1078d ago )

It looks amazing in the video. BTW the video posted in your article doesn't seem to work. The link is good though.

Edit: Apparently the video isn't listed yet, which is why it won't run on the article.

Player1241078d ago

I edited the post and just linked it to the YouTube video itself instead of making it appear on the post.

mochachino1078d ago

Does BF even destruction?

Player1241078d ago

Well apparently they made this one have destructible lights so even when you have a bright spot, you can destroy that light and make it all dark for everybody.

Note: I know you were trolling :P

samchez771078d ago

Over this game now. Fired it up the other day for first time in a while and was just "meh".