Final Fantasy XV Director Responds to Criticism for Stella’s Removal; Explains Why Luna Was Chosen

The news of the removal of former heroine Stella from Final Fantasy XV has pro proven pretty polarizing, with many criticizing the choice.

Today Hajime Tabata responded to that criticism, also explaining why Luna was chosen.

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DarkOcelet1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

Wasn't Stella shown with a badass looking sword ready to take on Noctis in the old Ps3 trailers. That to me equal strong badass willed woman :)

Luna looks cool but Stella looked badass just like Tifa.

Abriael1147d ago

One single scene does not a character define.

DarkOcelet1147d ago

I know but nobody can deny that scene looked cool. And I would have liked to see a continuation to that scene.

Besides Stella looks more like she is going to be a leader that gives orders rather than fight herself. But what do I know? let's wait and see.

Maybe she will be like Ashe from FFXII. A badass princess that knows how to wield a sword when it's needed.

Abriael1147d ago

You said it right: "what do I know?"

We knew very little about Stella. I'd say the developers know how she was better than we do.

-Foxtrot1147d ago

But it can leave a lasting impression

MrSwankSinatra1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

Damage control from you as usual. It's a pretty stark contrast when you see stella looking to face off against noctis giving an implication of a strong willed woman and then see someone like luna waiting at a table for noctis while putting her hand against her heart looking like the typical damsel.

Metallox1147d ago


A lasting impression that it's nothing more than a prejudice.

TricksterArrow1147d ago

So what that Stella was ready to face Noctis? Being ready to face someone does not exactly qualify you as badass nor strong. Aerith challenged Sephiroth alone, yet I don't see many topics about how badass and strong she is compared to Tifa and Yuffie, for an example.


CertifiedGamer1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

"One single scene does not a character define." learn how to write. It's written a single scene does not define a character.

Godmars2901147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

"I'd say the developers know how she was better than we do."

Like they knew Lightning, then proceeded to make her a parody of herself? A tough and independent woman who became little more than a dress up doll.

Aerith sacrificed herself to Sephiroth hoping to unleash the magic needed to stop him. You can't compare that type of "strength" to typical bad @$$ery.

Irishguy951147d ago

Godmars, The developers of FFXV are not the developers of FFXIII. In fact, Toriyama, the reason for not and has never been involved with FFXV or Versus.

Nomura is Versus 13/XV's main guy. Now its the guy who made Type 0 and crisis core wrapping FFXV up.

I know you really badly want FFXV to suck. But your failing at criticizing it/

Godmars2901147d ago

Nomura gave up working on the game to do KH3 and the new director is changing everything. Hence Stella now being Luna. Seemingly polar opposite character types.

Eamon1147d ago

It seems the only thing people are getting worked up about is that Stella seemed like a fighter, whereas Luna seems like she isn't.

We saw a quick scene showing Stella having her own Armiger Arsenal. It's possible Luna might have hers too.

In my opinion, the biggest difference between Stella and Luna is that Stella was to eventually become Noctis' enemy. It seems Luna isn't going to be Noctis' enemy as she is also a victim of her own Empire.

I highly doubt that Noctis will be the only character in the game that has an Armiger Arsenal. His father has it, some of his father's guard too. Most likely Luna and the Ezio-looking-dude has it too.

Irishguy951147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

Polar opposites how? Stella was a strong character, Luna is supposed to be even stronger. Both strong leads tho. Not polar opposites. Like..Stella/Luna are royalty. In FFXV...Royalty means power. They are the ones who can use magic afterall. Tabata stated Luna is a strong character and central to the plot due to it

Wow, guys...Noctis and his dad will NOT be the only L'cie. Its the Royal families and their blood that is important. This was stated time and time again.

Godmars2901147d ago

Stella was introduced as an active character. A warrior ready to challenge Noctis. By contrast, by direct contrast, so far Luna has only been shown in a passive role. Either waiting or being abused. Nevermind that when the game was first revealed, Stella and much of the main party were suppose to be playable with her as a temporary guest. That whole dynamic has changed.

As for the game's direct lore - I shouldn't know anything about such for a game yet to even have a release date. I didn't know much if anything about FF4 or FF7. Learned about them during, then after playing the games because they'd earned the additional interest.

This ass-backwardness is just another form of PR. Getting the audience involved while making up for lack of story detail and narration in the actual game.

aLucidMind1147d ago

One scene may not be able to define a character, but it can epitomize who the character is if done right. It's part of why intros are so important.

Dir_en_grey1147d ago

Hey why doesn't the developers just reveal everything about every character so we will know what every character is like from the beginning with out any room for character development or plot twists, just so we can satisfy these whiners who probably won't buy the game just because they can tell the whole story in their head from watching some trailers... NOT!!!

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-Foxtrot1147d ago

It looked great because it was like they were going to be lovers in the Romeo and Juliet way but actually they would be fighting one another.

Would have created a really good story plot point going against the typical love stories you see in these games

I wish they kept Nomuras vision...Tabata is trying to change as much as he can so people will remember it as HIS game, not Nomuras.

His comments in the past show how arrogant he is.

Look good but I still think we could have had better

Qrphe1147d ago

We literally know nothing of what the story is going to really be about. You're judging two characters based on not even 10 minutes of scenes for each character.

DOMination-1147d ago

Nomura did say it was based on Romeo and Juliet back when it waa first announced for ps3

Adrian_v011147d ago

It was Romeo and Juliette because the story resembled the 'forbidden love because enemy families' concept. The old trailers even started with quotes by Shakespeare. They definitely felt more nostalgic and emotional than what we're shown now. Judging by Tabata's comments, all the romance is put second place in favor for a bro road trip...

Irishguy951147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

It was based on HAMLET

Not romeo and juliet

Nomura said Stella and Noct would NOT be the focus.

Eamon1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

Tabata said the beginning of the story has been heavily changed. The remainder of the story is virtually the same.

The original beginning was Noctis meeting Stella at a peace conference. Stella isn't a princess of the Empire but just from a noble family. But the peace conference is a charade and the Empire's delegates take out the Kingdom's regime and begin their full-scale invasion. Noctis was still in capital during all of this (as shown in the last FFvs13 PS3 trailer). He was attending the ball in a building when an Empire ship crashes into it.

This has been changed to: Regis and the Empire's delegates are meeting at a peace conference and decide to cement their peace by having Noctis and Luna marry in order to solidify the bond between the two nations. Noctis and co. leave the capital to head to the Imperial capital to meet Noctis' bride, but on the way out they realise the Empire has began a full-scale invasion of their kingdom so they turn back to return. At the same time, something has happened in the Imperial capital and it's reported that Luna has been killed.

One theory I have, is that Regis intentionally sent his son out of the capital because he had suspicions about the peace conference. It does seem a bit weird to send the Prince of a Kingdom out in a single car with only 3 friends as his guard. Almost as if he wanted it to be as quiet as possible.

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kowan1147d ago

We don't entirely know if Luna won't be doing the same. For all we know they just changed her name and some of her scenes but her wielding a magical sword and fighting Noctis in one way or another remains intact.

_-EDMIX-_1147d ago

Thats actually a great point. We don't know enough about the game currently and I feel her character could have just gone a name change.

Whats to miss? We don't even know what she does, her role etc to even state something was really removed other then a character model and a name.

For all we know she has the same role as the character removed. ie name change, model change.

Though they state her role has been removed as it didn't fit in the concept of the game, we don't even know much about that role to begin with.

VsAssassin1147d ago

I'm gonna agree with DarkOcelet here. From the get-go, Stella emanated with strong will from that short trailer. I also liked her more modern character design.

I know the trailer was short, but sometimes you can really get a nice feel of a character even by just looking at brief facial expressions. Her resolve in that trailer was just fierce and gives that "bring it!" attitude.

Lore1147d ago

Unfortunately that scene will never be continued unless Nomura comes back into the picture

spartanlemur1146d ago

I don't understand why female characters have to be "badass".

What is wrong with them being feminine, like 80% of women actually are in real life?

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Lucreto1147d ago

They mentioned that these changes had to be made in order to contain the story down to one game. It seems to me that the challenge that they faced with Nojima's script was that it was part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology, and undoubtedly contained fal'Cie and l'Cie

For all we know, Stella was a l'Cie that Noctis had to face down, reversing the stakes of XIII, truly being Versus XIII.

Kurisu1147d ago

I haven't heard any official confirmation that this game is no longer part of the FNC, but I'm hoping it does stray from it. When FFXIII, Versus XIII and Agito XIII were announced in 2006 the FNC sounded like a great idea, but look how it turned out. I was actually one of the people that liked FFXIII & FFXIII-2, but when FFXIII-2 ended with "to be continued" I was like I JUST WANT VERSUS NOW. I never did bother to play LR.

Tonykid1147d ago

People complaining over a character they know nothing about.

Or is this one those "We need more stronger female roles in video games" articles.

Godmars2901147d ago

The problem is that is around a game that was announced eight years ago.

The game was just announced too soon.

Lionalliance1147d ago

What's with the dualshockers site? i can't read the rest of the article.

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