Gamescom: Need for Speed Reboot Inspired By "Real-World Car Culture Icons"

The dev behind the upcoming Need for Speed reboot are hoping that their new "Icons" dynamic will freshen up this venerable series

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crazychris4124859d ago

Would be nice to get several minutes of gameplay

MercilessDMercer858d ago

So, the Fast and Furious angle didn't pan out? Perhaps I'll start looking into this series again

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan858d ago

This is the first NFS that I am looking forward to in a long time. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

generalwinter858d ago

Yeah I agree, it looks like they have really tried to make this one better

gangsta_red858d ago

I'm not a racing fan at all but this game looked great.

Digital_Anomaly858d ago

It definitely needs something to bring it back around. I liked NFS Rivals but their ambition didn't really stack up to their final product unfortunately. Hopefully it'll be better this time.

EazyC858d ago

Why aren't they showing more gameplay? That brief E3 glimpse was great

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