Will the Xbox One eat PS4 Sales?

TechDaring: "I have said numerous times on these pages that Sony has amassed such a lead that I just cannot see Microsoft being able to catch the PlayStation 4, no matter what happens."

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TheGreatGamer1145d ago

It won't equal ps4 numbers simply because XB1 doesn't sell well enough outside of NA and UK but I expect they'll sell a lot more XB1's this fall than PS4's which will allow them to reduce the gap to a degree. Also, XB1 is releasing exclusives all throughout 2016 instead of just the fall so that should also helm them next year. And by the end of this gen, we'll probably see them neck and neck in NA and UK or MS has a good shot at reclaiming these territories

xHeavYx1145d ago

Problem is, MS can sell better for 3 months, but the gap will get bigger again for the next 9 months.

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Thatguy-3101144d ago

And even then it's not like the PS4 miraculously stop selling. When the Xbox does good the ps4 is just as good which won't lead to it catching up. The other way is for the ps4 to stop selling well which at the rate is going is doubtful

DarXyde1144d ago

Never say never. We're less than 2 years in and I expect these consoles will last at least another 3. Home consoles aren't what they used to be for Japan and Microsoft is doing a lot to earn good favor in the US and UK.

Will it happen? I don't know. It's really, really, really, really, very much so unlikely Xbox One will EVER catch PlayStation 4 in sales. Sony already had this generation, it would appear.

Regardless, all I'm saying is.....It's possible, however miniscule the odds.

breakpad1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

PS4 may seem that has nt any major exclusives for the rest of 2015... but games like MGS-V (and afterwards FFXV) which are multiplatform, the overwhelming majority of gamers(even in US)are considering them as Playstation titles ..they are atypical exclusives which will boost no matter what PS4 sales..and dont underestimate the popularity and the quality of MGS V as it easily beats any of the big guns of Xone

freshslicepizza1144d ago

any xbox one sale theoretically eats into ps4 sales. it is good however that microsoft is shipping big games outside of the holiday window now such as quantum break. their presence at gamescon will hopefully boost sales in europe as well.

what sony could do to counter this holiday onslaught by microsoft is to just have a price drop. but i don't think sony will, they feel way too comfortable and this will allow microsoft to gain some traction.

XisThatKid1144d ago

Possible in the the U.S. but still unlikely. Just too far behind. And this is not a PS3 story. It took 6-7 years for PS3 to close that gap with hardly any advantages at all. More expensive, less public appeal in U.S. and other counties, lower failure rate, "less games" stigma, "inferior" online infrastructure, Not the home of shooting franchises during the initial shooters boom, Advertised horribly until later years yet still managed to outsell 360 week after week month after month works wide. To close a 9 mil gap head start 360 had.
This is a different age, doubt this can happen twice .

TheCommentator1144d ago


It's not a miracle, it's called market saturation and is a well documented phenomenon (see: Wii).

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joab7771144d ago

We don't know yet. Anything can happen. PS3 caught up last gen. It depends on games. It really does. It will be awhile b/c while Xbone may gain a little this holiday, early next yr is gonna be good for Sony w/ Uncharted 4.

Also, Persona 5 is a dark horse this holiday for Sony if it releases as its supposed to. I know I can't wait. And it's huge everywhere but here.

FreddyFazbear1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

PS3 caught up last gen not only because of games but because The "Playstation" Brand is more preferred outside of U.S.A, Europe and Asia prefers playstation since PSone came out. The only way the entire world will switch to Xbox is when Sony Stops producing PLaystation consoles. The statement should be, "MS had a chance last gen but still beaten by PS3, how much more with the PS4 sales lead today"?? remember MS had a "1 year headstart" and PS3 is much more expensive. So don't put Sony and MS on the same train. one company is making consoles and videogames since 1995 and the other just started in 2001-2002.

Ocsta1144d ago

Ps3 caught up because Playstation is the worlds favourite console. Don't forget the 360 had a year headstart AND the Ps3 launch was a disaster. No, Xbox has no chance of winning this gen or any other, not while it's competing with a Playstation.

kneon1144d ago

The PS3 caught up buy outselling the 360 for almost every year of the generation. You can can't catch up until you can start selling more than your competition.

REDDURT1144d ago

besides halo the rest of the games are meh.....even halo gotta deal with cod.

iceman061144d ago

I wouldn't say "meh". But, most of them are pretty much standard at this point in MS release cycle.

UltraNova1144d ago

I wouldn't call Quantum Break meh (actually is one of the most exciting games coming in 2016) but its no Uncharted for sure.

As for the xbox catching up to the PS4 I would call that a statistical improbability as things have turned out. Couple that with a ps4 price cut or a slim model then you have a runaway train that doesn't look back.

REDDURT1144d ago

2016 does look awesome for first party on both consoles but unfortunate as it may be third party is running this gen so far.

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sammarshall1021145d ago

Microsoft is making all of the right moves

This fall Xbox One will sell like crazy and 2016's lineup is insane

fallacious1144d ago

they're only recently making the right moves while sony has been making the right moves since the beginning of this gen.

stonecold31145d ago

no never ps4 has sold 26 million and not only that just way ahead now it to late for the xbox one to catch the ps4 plus in japanit would need to supportt xbox one but its not happening ps4 has this gen locked

stuna11145d ago

Will the Xbox1 eat PS4 sales!? No! But I'll put the popcorn next to the microwave just in case.

I don't understand why it's hard to imagine that truthfully the Xbox1 can't eat into the competitors sales, neither can the PS4 eat into the Xbox1 sales simply because they are two different consoles with totally different exclusives. This is the determination as to what ultimately sets any console apart from another, not what multiplat title that's available on all consoles in competition.

This has been the reasoning as to why in past generations a large amount of gamers have chosen to have multiple consoles because there were simply other games that they wanted to play that weren't necessarily on the platform they initially chose to buy. That same mindset will repeat the process once again this generation.

Rimeskeem1145d ago

MS is heavily relying on exclusives this fall with Halo leading the pack while Sony is heavily relying on marketing strategy with games like Battlefront and Call of Duty.

Its gonna be interesting to see how this works