I Just Played Destiny: The Taken King

Chad just played Destiny at Gamescom 2015 and these are his ramblings about the experience.

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Software_Lover1110d ago

I just need to find a crew to do some raids and Prison of Elders with.

CaptainPunch1110d ago

r/fireteams is your friend.

kickerz1110d ago

I like to go to and just find groups.its the best way. Would be lost without it lol.

Aenea1110d ago

Why? The gear you get will be obsolete in a month when The Taken King drops...

Software_Lover1109d ago

I have the Taken King. I just want to do all that I can in the game.

joab7771110d ago

Seriously, the new expansion will position Destiny to finally start moving towards the epic mmo it always had the potential for. Now, Hoepfully ppl give it another chance.

Everything they are doing is great.Now for a some social additions, and more customization and...

jeremyj29131110d ago

It would need more than weapons and armor to get most people back. There sould be more than one super per subclass.

Jmanzare1109d ago

There already is more than one super per class... There are two. And with the dlc there will be three

Peace_Love_and_FPS1109d ago


Subclass, he said subclass. That means 6 supers per class, rather than 3.

JWiLL5521110d ago

Custom/Private PVP lobbies are what is needed most, IMO. Those are why Halo was such a powerhouse in online gaming.

It would be fantastic in Destiny. The current online 'meta' is really stale and even with the rebalancing planned for Sept, this would allow players to keep things fresh on their own.

Jmanzare1109d ago

I have a feeling people will cheat and help each other with crucible bounties

JWiLL5521109d ago


Things like bounties and stat tracking would be disabled in custom lobbies.

-Foxtrot1110d ago

Another chance?

Oh come on its had a shit load of's a hige cash grab, a game made for DLC aimed at suckers who'll buy it

It's had plenty

Jmanzare1109d ago

I guess paying 60 dollars for a new game that's the same every year is the better alternative. And add an additional 60 bucks for a season pass which includes only multi-player maps.
Destiny's first 2 dlc includes multi-player maps story missions new guns and armor a new strike and a raid or some type of endgame for 20 bucks or 15 if you bought them together and free if you're purchasing destiny this fall. Most games don't give you that much. Also if you're feeling ripped off maybe you should read about what you're buying before you buy something and expect something else.

-Foxtrot1109d ago


You mean paying all that money for stuff which should have been in the game for starters.

You actuallu think Bethesda is giving us more with their DLC

You are what Bungie like to call a massive, code red, sucker

Peace_Love_and_FPS1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )


Why do you waste so much of your time hating this game? You're not going to change anyone's mind, and no one will change yours, just leads to unnecessary conflict, so leave or find something else to do with your time.

Bethesda?.. Uh.. You high on crack man, that's fallout not destiny, and you actually do get more in a destiny DLC than CoD for example where you get a few new maps no one plays after a while

I'm still holding off TK but man get a life it's actually depressing, just trying to help...

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Allsystemgamer1110d ago

My whole clan already quit.

We saw the trailers. Reskinned enemies. We read the interview and most certainly do not want to throw money at the screen.

Kudos if you enjoy it. We had a blast but this game is such a blatant cash grab. We can only kill crota so many times.

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Ciporta19801110d ago

People can say it will be as amazing as they like there is no way I'm paying the same price for an expansion as a new game like fallout 4 for example. That's how much this expansion is in the UK. I am a big fan of destiny and I played this game 2-3 hrs every night right up until the minute I saw the UK price for this expansion and the attitude they had when asked about their currency conversion rates. People in the us are calling this a cash grab try living in the UK.


you summed it up well..

you have £50 to spend, buy an expansion or a full on RPG like fallout4?

I am sorry but right now I am not sold on this expansion being worth the price of admission, not when there are so many other great games coming out that would cost me the same

Ozmoses1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

Play for 100's of hour to have all your gear and weapons become irrelevant when The Taken King drops...

that isn't smart management.. that is a SLAP TO THE FACE...

all those hours of grinding were for nothing... sure it was fun and stuff when we were doing it...

but to have all those hours become meaningless now...

what's the point??? starting from scratch... screw that...

so done with this game...

I'm still waiting on my damn Nepal Relief T-Shirt... they can't even get those things sent out to the people who bought...

it's so sad...

LeoDDestroyer1109d ago

How is it a slap to the face when that gear you got was for the game you played. Year one stuff was made for year one content and year two has it own specific content made around it. That how games like this work, you get loot that be useless to you only a few hours later.

Joe9131109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

I agree even now you can only level your weapon to a certain degree so as we fight more powerful people your gear and weapons will get under powered anyway. I do not see the point in being angry about this. You only have so much room so as you go on and get more and more loot you will have to let some stuff go how many people really hold on to old guns anyway. Most of the time you keep a gun until you find something more powerful then you use that gun isn't that the point but hey can't make everyone happy. I myself still play it with friends but when I am by myself I am seeing myself play other games but I still play with friends for a few hours every night even if we are doing the same crap over and over only other game I really have fun playing online this much is Grand Theft Auto Online.

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