Destiny’s New Level System Is a Step in the Right Direction

Bungie is fixing Destiny one feature at a time.

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Elda1108d ago

Glad to know they're changing the level system.

maybelovehate1108d ago

They did away with this already through Etheric Light. Any legendary gear can be the highest level now, you just have to use an Etheric Light to upgrade it.

I am still excited about the new leveling system for different reasons, but this article seems to not be aware that this system changed quite a while ago.

Orejillz1108d ago

I'm aware of the new etheric light thing, but it still required players to grind for legendary gear to obtain those levels. This new method lets you earn your level through straight gameplay, and they also are planning on revamping the loot system and how players use them.

maybelovehate1108d ago

You should have stated so then. In the artcile you make it sound like the Light system is what makes everyone look the same. Not the case anymore. You can mix and match any legendary and above gear you want.

In the past everyone looked the same because only the raid gear could get you to the highest levels.

UKmilitia1108d ago

so i dont need all the light bullshit to get past lvl 32?

FamilyGuy1108d ago

"it still required players to grind for legendary gear to obtain those levels.This new method lets you earn your level through straight gameplay"

There are vendors in the tower that sell legendary gear, you just have to get the vanguard or crucible marks to buy them. That method is "straight up gameplay". There's no RNG getting in the way of that so you article is still wrong. Etheric light was all that was needed change up the system in the way you described/desired.

Jughead34161108d ago

@maybelovehate - With the new leveling system, you continue to level up the same way you did from 1-20. Except now, you go all the way to 40. No more grinding for gear to level up. I agree though that Etheric Light made leveling up a bit easier. The loot system is being revamped too to give you more meaningful drops. It's designed to memorize what you already have in your inventory and give you something even better next time. On a side note - I can't escape this feeling that all this DLC was originally meant to be in the original game. Just seems like broken up content that could've all been in one package.

maybelovehate1108d ago

I was more referring to the light system forced everyone to have the same gear the auther says in the article. Which was not the case after Etheric Light. I have countless combinations of gear I can use and still be the highest level. They fixed that when they created Etheric light.

I never really saw the gear as a grind though to be honest. I have so much gear I don't really know what to do with it all.

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OverdosedWitDopeness1108d ago

The level cap needs to be higher I capped halfway on the moon then i just played pvp and raids cuz the story was given so little effort there wasn't a reason to continue its crazy that we do these missions then at the end it's like we must report this then its then next mission lol no cutsecens to keep u immersed in the story.

corroios1108d ago

What i dont understand is the fact that all the gear and weapons you got will be useless in next expansion, because you cant upgrade them.

All the effort on my 3 guardians is gonne... They force us to use the guns and gear of the expansion and i dont think they will give enough of them...

maybelovehate1108d ago

Isn't that how all RPG's work? I mean, the best part of RPG's is continuing to get better gear and more powers.

JWiLL5521108d ago

All your exotics are still relevant, you can take those with you.

I have no issue with legendaries being phased out. They're adding a ton of new weapons, would be pretty boring seeing the same fatebringer/vision load outs throughout year two.

(I'll never dismantle my Fatebringer though)

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